Always remember, you are the one to blame. There is such an uproar these days over the suspicion that chemtrails are being sprayed containing such substances as strontium and aluminum that there are few involved in the examination of the conspiracies plaguing us who remain unaware of the increases in those substances and various others in the earth's atmosphere, and consequently the air that we breath.  And on a side note it behooves me to mention here that aluminum is the most abundant mineral on the surface of the earth, the crust, and it is the third most abundant element, so good luck getting away from it.  It is also the mineral that allows your gastrointestinal tract to yeah, it is necessary as well, in its proper form as the earth yields it, as all minerals are either good or bad depending upon the form they are in.  Lead is another mineral around which there is a lot of shadowy conspiracy type stuff, as tests demonstrated that of the mice subjected to cancer causing light on their tails, the ones who did not get cancer were the ones who's tails were protected with LEAD, and that raises a lot of questions... 

But the point here is that, in all the uproar over 'chemtrails' no one has bothered to take note of the fact that much of the increase in these particular metals in the atmosphere is a result of the coal mining currently underway around the world, and it is just my personal opinion that the chemtrail psy op is functioning as a cover for the coal mining industry and the irreparable damage it is doing, and all so your toes can stay warm because your lazy ass is too sorry to become pro-active and either provide your own alternative power or faithfully lobby your elected officials to make it happen. 

When you strip the earth of the layer of coal it uses to filter its water, you cause the same problems for the planet you would have yourself if you drank stagnant, bacteria laden water.  The earth is a being, with an anatomy that functions in a way that is far more complex and extraordinary than the ones possessed by any of the creatures that inhabit it, including the human one.  This is your time, and the job is, if it is to be done correctly, to repair not only your own DNA but the DNA of the planet as well, which involves FREQUENCY.....and what aids us the most in the process of both on this physical, three dimensional level are the ionic sulfate minerals.....the Adya Clarity solution.  And if you want to advance, a.k.a. evolve, on a spiritual level, the reparation and activation of your own DNA is the first priority. 

Minerals are frequency transmitters, and together they operate synergistically. When one is lost, or even part of one is lost, that synergy is lost, and the chemical translations that underlie your DNA are disrupted.  To have one's minerals in their proper forms and balance in one's manifest body prevents them from being able to disrupt one's DNA.  They do the same for the earth as well, as has long been known in Japan.  When treated with the ionic sulfate minerals, the earth is completely restored in terms of the balance of minerals, and hence in terms of frequency, which is sorely needed in light of all the reverse metatronic frequencies that have been inserted into our God given organic matrix.  If they would treat the Gulf of Mexico with these minerals and stop the (rumored) leak that is still going, it would restore it overnight. 

Adya Clarity, the wonderful solution that has so much to offer in terms of the reparation of damaged and the activation of dormant DNA, may be about to take the world by storm once again, as it had done before the hatchet job by the likes of Mike Adams, Matt Monarch, and Ian Clark.  The Hippocrates Institute has completed a hands on study of Adya Clarity in which it was distributed to both guests and members of their own medical team.  The article will be publicly available online as of January 7, 2013.  It is currently only available in the January issue of the institute's magazine.  Their conclusion is essentially the same as my own was, and that is that the fools Adams, Monarch, Clark, et. al. are merely "self-appointed internet natural health" gurus without a clue and that the mineral solution is an extraordinary health supplement, although I go on to contend that they most certainly do have a clue, and outline the reasons I reached that conclusion in the link I am attaching below.  In addition, I am including here a brief statement from the institute itself in reference to their experiences with Adya Clarity, ionic sulfate mineral solution:

From: Will Burson <>
Subject: Adya Clarity Review
Date: December 4, 2012 7:36:33 AM PST

Adya Clarity Supplement Review

In the second half of 2012, we conducted testing and research on the product Adya Clarity. This mineral-rich liquid supplement was of interest to us since the global public, in great part, lacks the full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals necessary to maintain health and reduce premature aging. We unfortunately discovered that some self-appointed internet health authorities were distributing misinformation about Adya Clarity. These individuals claimed that the supplement contained some undesirable elements.

We tested Adya Clarity at Hippocrates Health Institute, not only distributing it to a wide cross section of our guests, but to some of our medical team, including Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement. The volunteers consumed the supplement for several months, conducting a heavy metal and chemical blood profile before and after the test period. In addition to receiving the great benefits of the multiple minerals, each participant reduced the handful of concerns that were revealed on the first test. 

We wholeheartedly endorse Adya Clarity and consider it a superior liquid essential supplement. Hippocrates thanks Matt Bakos at Adya, Inc. for having the professionalism and courage to allow us to analyze and scrutinize this exceptional health builder. 

In the U.S., Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled for water purification. In Canada, Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled as a licensed natural mineral supplement. You can learn more about Adya Clarity at
and <>

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