Warn Your Children About the Negroes

July 31, 2013
Warn Your Children About the Negroes

Make sure you warn your children about the Negroes. Many of the old fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel were written as warnings to children to avoid strangers, and they occurred during times of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice and Jewish expulsions from our white, European lands.  Now the Negroes are killing us openly and indiscriminately.  And once again the Jew has wormed his way into our society and our children are disappearing. How long can you look into the eyes of the demon before you see it for what it is? 

Columbia, SC mother of Four Slaughtered in Hate Crime

July 5, 2013

Police say thugs stormed into the kitchen of a bakery in the middle of the night and shot Kelly Hunnewell. The thugs did not steal anything, nor was there anything of value in the kitchen to steal. The perpetrators are three black males. The attack appears to be a random hate crime/thrill killing. According to WISTV, according to the police the bakery in which she was slaughtered by these Negroe savages.  These niggers clearly just walked into this kitchen for the hell of killing this young w...

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