This Week In Facebook Censorship.4/22/2013

April 22, 2013
This Week In Facebook Censorship.4/22/2013
Yes, A mere photograph of Adolf Hitler was deemed to be in violation of facebook's "community standards."  The photograph, or as facebook referred to it, "content," was removed and the 6th and final profile I have available to me to keep my pages running was blocked for 24 hours.  The caption that accompanied the photograph read: "Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler. You are gone, but not forgotten, a man ahead of his time, and ahead of ours as well."

This Week In Facebook Censorship

April 5, 2013
For the third time in one day on April 3, content was removed from on of my pages and I was issued the warning that I essentially need to 'clean up,' for lack of a better term, my facebook page in reference to those things that fb says "violate their community standards.''  Facebook is awash on a daily basis with the demonization of political, religious, business, and cultural leaders.  The stuff is everywhere.  And yet any post, it appears, that speaks the truth in reference to the greatness...
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Facebook: The Domain Where Freedom of Speech is Non-Existent and History Is Censored

April 4, 2013


In a strange twist of events the social media outlet we know and love as "facebook" has chosen to shut me down, and although all of my pages are still there, I can do absolutely nothing on any of them, nor can I comment on or "like" anything my friends post.  I literally cannot even click on one of my many photos and retrieve the articles I have written that accompany them. 

And before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this is just me suffering from parano...

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