In a strange twist of events the social media outlet we know and love as "facebook" has chosen to shut me down, and although all of my pages are still there, I can do absolutely nothing on any of them, nor can I comment on or "like" anything my friends post.  I literally cannot even click on one of my many photos and retrieve the articles I have written that accompany them. 

And before anyone jumps to the conclusion that this is just me suffering from paranoia, you should know that they have completely blocked my IP address from being able to start a new personal page.  In addition to that, on the fake profile I page I have that I use to keep and eye on the cointel and internet shills I have blocked from being able to troll my wall, the one and only thing I cannot do is edit the general account settings, which would allow me to change the name and convert it to my personal page. They do not play fair, because that ensures that they lose.  Looks like the CIA, NSA, and Army Intelligence win again.

Truth Beckons, Animals Need Help and Compassion, and Britain Belongs to the People have been hi-jacked by cointel as well.