For the third time in one day on April 3, content was removed from on of my pages and I was issued the warning that I essentially need to 'clean up,' for lack of a better term, my facebook page in reference to those things that fb says "violate their community standards.''  Facebook is awash on a daily basis with the demonization of political, religious, business, and cultural leaders.  The stuff is everywhere.  And yet any post, it appears, that speaks the truth in reference to the greatness of Adolf Hitler is immediately removed and accounts are terminated for it.

This particular post/photo had already been removed from one other location earlier that day, so let this once again be EDUCATIONAL for you in terms of what you are and are NOT allowed to say.  

The following was taken from a video by youtuber Snordster.  But be careful with this guy as well, if you check out his channel, because just like the rest of them he still clings to the fictional lie that is the "Nazis" and the Jewish HolowCo$t/holohoax.

 “We shall have a Jewish world government, whether or not we like it.  The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

~James Warburg:  Jewish, merchant, banker.


Our ruling crime factories are not dumb.  In fact they are getting smarter and faster.  They know it is the end game.  They know it is either us or them.  It took them a while to work out that it is cheaper to from  A to B riding their horse to death and replacing it with a new one, rather than watering, feeding, and giving it rest when it gets tired.  So they replaced feudalism and open slavery with capitalism

Then they figured that it is more profitable to groom the smartest and most ambitious kids on the block, and entice them with a privileged lifestyle and with outsmarting their fellow men with trickery and evil scams.  So they gave us soft-spoken psychopaths and mild mannered mass murderers that roam corporate boardrooms.   The most ruthless of those smart kids end up with multi-billion dollar fortunes not for them to use at their sole discretion, but to put to good use in the stealth enslavement of mankind.  Those Bill Gates, George Soroses, Eric Schmidts, and Mark Zuckerbergs know all too well that their fortunes will be wiped out overnight if they don’t do as they are told. 

That is why every copy of Microsoft Windows and the MAC OS has a back door to the MOSSAD and NSA. That is why Bill Gates donates millions to mass sterilization programs known as vaccinations and invests heavily in Monsanto and chemtrails.  That is why George Soros spends hundreds of millions to help disarm the American people and overthrow governments that refuse to follow the orders of the ruling parasites.   That’s why Eric Schmidt has turned his search engine into a corporate big brother, and Mark Zuckerberg his social networking application into a spying tool that knows everything there is to know about you, your family, your friends, your “likes’’ and ‘’dislikes,’’ and even your most private thoughts. 

It is no coincidence that most of these smartest kids on the block who sold their soul to the devil are Jewish.  Not only does the Jewish mindset enable them to do the most horrible things to their fellow men provided they (their victims) are not Jewish, and without having a bad conscience, but their Jewishness also provides them with a highly effective armor; the Judeo Bolshevik narration of the Jewish Hollow CO$T.  Anybody disclosing the truth about their evil doings is immediately suspected of being motivated by evil, irrational, anti-Semitism.  Never mind that 97% of Jews are not Semites, but the descendants of converted Moroccan Berbers and Mongolian Turk Huns and their Germanic rape victims. 

And if maliciously accusing someone of criminally insane racial hatred just for telling the truth isn’t bad enough, our ruling parasites and their Jewish minions systematically use the label of anti-Semitism to sentence anyone who criticizes their wrongdoings.  Usually they hide behind some wishy washy “community standards” which magically always seem to kick in when someone says something.  Comments, videos, and articles are deleted, writers are banned, accounts suspended, online payment services canceled, you name it. 

All of this is obviously in breach of freedom of expression,  which in most countries is guaranteed by law.  But that is how tyranny works, isn’t it?  If a government cannot perform and act of tyranny because of legal restrictions it just outsources it to a private corporation, and nobody who could do something about it seems to care.  If Congress doesn’t allow stationing troops in a foreign or is too difficult about what these troops are allowed to do, the government simply outsources the job to “private security contractors,” the preferred euphemism for mercenaries. 

If the government can’t lock you up for telling the truth or extraditing you to a country where they have “hate laws” suspending freedom of expression, they just make your boss fire you, and get you black listed by recruitment companies and HR departments of major firms.  In such a climate most people no longer dare to be seen talking to, let alone be friendly with, anyone capable of critical thought for fear of being suspected of harboring similar thoughts.  If the government has legal restrictions as to how far it can go in terms of spying on its citizens, it just gets the likes of Microsoft, Google/Jewgle, and Facebook/Jewbook to do it for them. 

Indeed. Our ruling crime families are getting smarter and faster.  But so are we.  They know that this is the end game.  But so do we.   We might have just started to wake up to the lethal threat that corporations in cahoots with tyrannical governments are posing to us, but we are 8 billion people.  They are a few hundred monsters and their low life minions.  

Written by youtuber  ~Snordster~

And what they are doing now is playing the game that they play so well, and have for so long, and planning a “culling,” this time a “great one,” if we are to believe what all their cointel minions tell us.   It is up to us to decide how we wish to proceed, because they are in possession of secrets that are beyond the scope of your wildest imaginations, and if you can’t find some way to wrap your heads around what they know even IF you manage to defeat them, you are still essentially fucked.  Because nothing, and I mean nothing, is the way you think it is, right down to the sun in your sky. 

~Julie Mitchell