By Damo Mackins

The Good Society:

Among other things in such a society, we would want a stable and prosperous economy, one with full employment and living wages. We would want affordable housing, whether in the purchasing or renting of a home. We would want a system of health care accessible to everyone, regardless of economic circumstance. We would want generous provision for disability, maternity leave and retirement.  We would want free access to college education and vocational training for any QUALIFIED applicant. We would want a healthy farming community, one which favors small family farms over large agribusiness conglomerates.

We would want the kind of public safety where one didn't have to live in gated communities to feel secure, and where one could walk down the street of any city at any time, day or night, without fear of being mugged, assaulted, or worse. We would want rigorous protection of the environment under a regime that is more concerned about the condition of our forests, our earth, our air and our waters than about corporate profit and pollution.

These are some the things we would want - for every citizen of our good society.

Today, we have NONE of these things. Why? Do these expectations of a good society sound unreasonable, or utopian?
I say to you that they are not - as is proven by the fact that there once was a society which had all of these things and more.

This society first came to my attention when I had the opportunity to meet and talk to people who had the privilege of living in such a society. In talking about their experience, they invariably described it as the happiest and most memorable time of their lives, and they looked back upon it with deepest fondness.

The society I am talking about was none other than - Pre WWII National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler.