The concept of "democracy" is an integral part of the maintenance of the matrix of darkness on the level at which we currently exist in it.  In a nutshell, "democracy" is a system in which all citizens have the right to draw a stupid little "x" on a piece of paper once every four years or so, which ultimately gives them the illusion that they are in control of their own destinies and government, a practice which is deceptive enough in and of itself.  But it also shifts the onus of failure, at least psychologically.  

As any serious "truther" knows, the so called "democratic" governments of the world, which are primarily WHITE countries, although they are rapidly being destroyed, are 100% and without question, controlled by Jews.  The Jewish hand is behind everything from the Supreme Court, which has three Jewish members in addition to the 2 non-whites, none of  whom should not be allowed on it EVER.  The entire white majority of our nation is essentially at the mercy of races that seek nothing other than our complete and utter destruction, and we have waited too late to save ourselves via the means our founding fathers established for us in the legal precepts the country was founded upon. 

And they have left us with the idea that we are the ones to blame, and in a sense we are, because the foxes did not unlatch the locks on the hen house and walk inside on their own.