Written by: Julie Mitchell

Addendum....added at the front.  This little 2012 farce is even more significant when you consider the FACT that the Mayans, like the Incas and the Aztecs, were mere savages, and were not by the remotest stretch of the wildest imagination responsible for things such as the "Mayan" and "Aztec" calendars.  The achievements credited to the Mayans and other so called "native American" tribes in the lying "historical" textbooks that are written according to the lying standards of Jew owned publication companies were the achievements of the white race, which was just SLAUGHTERED by the invading Asiatic hordes today referred to as the "native Americans," and everything from the archaeology to "native American" folklore proves it conclusively.

 The various entities with the competing dominion agendas in terms of controlling planet Earth, its destiny, and the destiny of its inhabitants, have been playing their games with humanity for tens of thousands of years, long before the human population of today would ever imagine or believe. But in spite of that disbelief, the evidence is there to support such contentions, and it can be found in the history of what we refer to as "ancient" people if one knows what one is looking for and which dots to connect. This is no less true of the Mayans than any other "ancient" culture, and what they are trying to do now in terms of Mayan history is what they will one day attempt to do with the bloody history of the past 100 years, and that is paint it as a glorious time of peace and prosperity in which a vast and advanced civilization suddenly vanished without explanation. 

At this particular point in time, when there is so much emphasis being put upon the Mayan calendar in terms of the end of time destruction psy ops they are running on the human race and the fact that the calendar has been calculated to end, it is said, in Dec. 2012, it would probably behoove us to acquaint ourselves with the truth about Mayan civilization, as opposed just accepting at face value the warm, fuzzy feeling inspiring references to a falsified history they are trying to reassure you with from current Mayan descendants and modern historical "scholarship." The idea that the Mayans were conducting human sacrifices to dragon-like entities cannot be ignored, and the idea that we would refer to any such society as in any way "advanced" is in all reality utterly laughable.
 "The image painted for most people about the Maya is one of a lost, [rather advanced] civilization shrouded in the mist and thick jungles of Central America and Mexico....Scholars believed for years they were a peaceful people who worshiped time and were ruled by priests. Nothing could have been further from the truth....In order to maintain control over the populace and their borders, Maya rulers were often at war with their neighbors who were also Maya. Imagine feudal Europe, put it in the middle of the jungle and you'd have a classic Maya society. Kings, queens, princesses, and princes ruled the commoners while valiant warriors, who would not hesitate to die for their king, charged into battle.  However, Maya war was based on the constant need for captives, unlike the European kings who fought to expand their kingdom. The reason for this - human sacrifice."

Archaeology has demonstrated, methodically, that the Mayans, it seems, at the time of the end of their vast civilization, had arrived at a point in their history that is much like our current one, in which endless wars were sapping the strength of their civilization , in every way. What is less glamorized in the historical record are the human sacrifices conducted by the Maya, and what is left out of the Mayan history that has been passed down to us is the truth about exactly what these dragon-like entities could have been, because they certainly were not worshiping and sacrificing to them for no reason.

Circa 2012 AD, the year of the dragon, as per the Chinese calendar, which incidentally ends 2012 as well, and couple that with the fact that there are those studying those ancient histories who insist that this is the year those "dragons" are prophesied to return. Then consider those two things in conjunction with the fact that we have very credible evidence to suggest that their is something of an alliance between the military and entities referred to as the "Draco," who many claim are dragon-like, and that as they carry out the whole UFO psy op on an unsuspecting movement in favor of full disclosure within the UFO "community," we would do well to pay close attention, because as soon as they perfect the technique of blending the reality that is the UFO phenomenon with the religious myths they have to account for because it is what they have led the sheep to expect, it's on, and the UFO phenomena and religious dogma, once they come to be perceived of as one and the same by the gullible sheep, will be the greatest force the non-sheep have ever had to contend with. 

 Source: http://www.theculturedtraveler.com/Archives/Jun2005/Mysteries_Maya.htm