For almost 70 years in the process of creating the massive lie that is the Holohoax, the Jews have used pictures of German and Russian Christians murdered by them (the Jews) as supposed pictures of piles of Jewish bodies when nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes the to the majority of the photographs you see from that time that we have been told are photos of Holohoax victims, in reality those are victims of the Jews themselves. The Jews are the biggest mass murderers in all of human history.
By the time they started slaughtering ethnic Germans in Poland, and they slaughtered 58,000 ethnic Germans in Poland before 1939 when the great and mighty Adolf Hitler finally invaded to stop it, they has ALREADY slaughtered TENS OF MILLIONS of white Orthodox Christians in Russia and the surrounding countries they would swallow up on their way to creating the entity of evil we refer to as the USSR. What? Was Hitler supposed to ignore the slaughter of his people and let the murdering Jews get away with this as they continued their westward march across Europe? Smh. I would have killed them all. Hitler was merciful.
Adolf Hitler and the Germans were the only thing that stood between white, western, Christian Europe and the Marxixt Jews. That put a big monkey wrench into the spokes of the Jewish agenda. I personally am of the opinion that it was their intention to  communize via Marxist ideology ALL of the Eastern hemisphere. There plan, I believe, was to have the two divided halves of the world functioning under the two Jewish systems, communism and liberal democracy. Imagine that scenario during the so called “cold war.”  The empirical evidence indicates that such is the case. 
Marxism spread in an outward spiral in all directions from its hub in the Soviet Union. It moved across China, where the Jews are still in control, and was spreading through the peninsular countries of Vietnam and Korea, like your hand would get numb from the base at the wrist and it would spread out to the ends of all of your fingers. One could look at peninsular land masses as the “fingers” of contintents.  It swallowed up all of eastern Europe in an “agreement” that split eastern and western Europe between the eastern communist Jews in Russia and the Western Masonic Jews (B’nai B’rith)in the U.S. and Europe, and all this was after they finally mustered the strength of practically the entire world under their control and crushed Hitler and the Germans with overwhelming and indefeatable odds. The only reason it didn’t move north is because there is nothing up there but the north pole. The fact that Japan remained a free country and essentially part of the western world is further proof that I am correct.  All of history is nothing more than the pre-arranged “infighting” of two Jewish tribes, and those two tribes now function as the controllers of the destinies of the two hemispheres.  We recognize them as the eastern Bolshevik, Marxist,  communist Jews in the east and the western masonic Jews of the west. 
Hitler set the Jewish agenda back by many decades, or at least forced them to change their strategy. Adolf Hitler was the man of not only the century but of the MILLENNIUM. None other even compares.