By Damo Mackins

A message to the Jews: What a vile and wretched thing to do, to rape and pillage, to torture and burn, to starve and humiliate, to seek the end of a race of people and then, by use of every available means, turn the tables on your victims and make them the aggressor, make them loathed whilst you get away Scot free, whilst you get your independent terrorist state and they get even more sanctions and half their country taken over by your friends.

I will never forgive nor forget you, and as long as I breathe your disgusting actions will be pushed by me til everyone I know knows who you are and what you have done, not just to the Germans but to us now, the whole white race is feeling your war machine as it tramples across the free world, destroying National pride, a sense of worth, family honor, community, your taking down countries from within, forcing fake debt upon the people... your days ARE numbered and we will fight to the bitter end and we WILL win.