They are brainwashing our children to believe that we are a "culture of violence," and that it is somehow just part of what it means to be an American.  They use vague but horrific crime statistics to teach this to our children as they grow up and then go on to college to discuss such issues, where the icing is put on top of all the programming from childhood.  

White America is not a "culture of violence."  It is the Negroes among us who are violent, and the Mestizos arriving have a very violent element among them as well.  That is the one very important and game changing detail they leave out of all such liberal dogma designed to teach white children that we have failed, and the American dream of freedom is lost.  

Why are we living with violent savages, when we could have a white utopia without them?  Before they moved all the non-white savages into Germany there was a particular time of day every day when all the German women with infant children would roll their children out into the yard in their trams so the children, however small, could have some outdoor nature time.  Those things are no more. And they are no more because they have flooded Europe with 54 million Arab and African Muslim savages.  In America, it has already gotten so bad in many places that you cannot even walk down a street without risking full out assault by gangs of Negroes.  

White America is not a culture of violence. White America is trapped with its back against the wall with an army of feral Negroes that has been bred in their midst.  White America needs to stop worrying about being called a "racist." It is an empty word meant to silence the truth about other races. The truth about the Negroes is disturbing. The truth about the Negroes is more than sufficient evidence to prove that the white race should not try to co-exist with them. The truth about the Negroes is racist, if that is what they want to call it. You can either be a liar, or you can be a racist. It's not really a hard choice. I mean, we are not Negroes. 

This. And this is mild, compared to what the Negroes do, but there is something about this that makes me want to kill this nigger: