I don't blame her.
An alternative point of view: White people have always done everything they can to avoid living around Negroes. While Europe was beating America over the head for "intolerance" and "discrimination" at the same time the Jews were implementing ideologies such as "feminism" and "multiculturalism" and "equality," white America was busy fleeing to Negro free places in America because they could see the writing on the wall. In many ways Europe deserves what it is getting at the hands of the African and Arab Muslims for that betrayal, just as America and Europe deserve to pay for our betrayal of the Germans at the behest of the Jews and all their lies before, during, and after WWII. 

For the last several decades acceptance of the Negroes and all of their pathological, sociopathic, and endemic parasitism and savagery has been forced upon white America. And white America has bent over backward to accommodate this inferior race of people by allowing such disadvantageous (to white people) programs as "affirmative action" to be implemented, in spite of the fact that the inferiority and savagery of this race is so in your face blatant and obvious that we were busy fleeing the vicinity of the Negroes all the while trying to find some way to accommodate them as well.

Knowingly and willingly or not, vast tracts of land and even entire cities like Detroit, Gary, and many others were essentially just abandoned to the Negroes. And now that we are seeing the results of the abandonment of entire cities like Detroit to the Negroes displayed in all of its ugliness, deprivation, and savagery, and the FACT that whites were absolutely correct in fleeing the presence of this race is silently screaming out of every headline in reference to Detroit. 

"White Flight." Or as it should be called, FLEEING AN INVASION. That is how badly white people do not want to live with the Negroes. And those desires are based on REALITY. That reality is SOMEONE ELSE'S reality, and it is clearly immutable. 

The white people's reality is that they are a good and kind people for the most part, and they will "give just about anybody a chance," a phrase commonly heard among white Americans as they try to explain why they find this or that person unacceptable to be in contact with, as if it is not appropriate to point out the many traits of the Negroes or Mestizos as a race that render them undesirable elements in our societies. White people have been programmed with the belief that as a race they do not have the right to determine their own destiny. 

Meanwhile, Negro activity has been covered up by a fully Jew controlled media, and we should all know by now that it is the Jews who are responsible for the Negro presence among us in the first place. This currently spreading knowledge of Negro savagery has its advantages for the white people of America. We have always needed a justifiable, identifiable, easily provable reason not to allow them to force us to live with the Negroes, and here is where you need to let the truth set you free, because the Negro crime rates give us all the excuses and GOOD AND LEGITIMATE reasons we need. 

Just because a race of people has no standing army or national base to work from does not mean they cannot declare war on you. And so many of the Negroes have declared war upon us that we can literally accuse the race of declaring war on us as a collective. These are people that the Jew controlled U.S. government should not be allowed to force upon us via the use of the census to ascertain where Negro free areas are in the U.S. and inserting them with HUD and other government measures. This race is killing our race in huge numbers, and it is time to do something about that one. Not lie down for more of the slaughter as they spread the Black Plague over what is left of "Negro free" America.