Image: Two Negro savages burning a white farmer alive in South Africa, where they have slaughtered approximately 80,000 white South Africans in a country of only 3 million whites since the end of the VERY NECESSARY, as is clear from this photo, system of Apartheid, the end of which was engineered by the Jews so Oppenheimer could keep his diamond mines.  And the Dutch settled South Africa 100 years before the Negro savage animals ever descended out of the jungles of Africa far to the north.

Eustace MullinsKill de white man! Kill de white man!"

This fanatical command to commit murder was not muttered at some secret meeting of the Black Panther Party. It was broadcast to the world over American television, as the opening scene of the TV "fiction biography", Roots, written by Alex Haley, who had earlier written The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Whether this too was "fictionist" cannot now be determined, as Malcolin X was shot down in his own temple by black terrorists who were competing for the enormous financial rewards which accrue to black "leaders" in the United States. These rewards have the additional attraction of being tax-free, as an IRS official admitted to Drew Pearson some years ago, when he remarked that "Noncompliance from black leaders is the price Americans have to pay for racial peace in our big cities." If we demand that Negroes pay income taxes, the response will be, "Burn, baby, burn!"

The universal call to slaughter the white man which Roots sent out to the world was predictably followed that week by a vast increase in the assaults against white children and helpless elderly people by Negro thugs. We waited in vain for some countervailing message from the victims, "Kill de niggers. Kill de niggers." No such command was aired by the media, because such a message, even if it were to be broadcast, would result in the FBI arresting all those concerned, on charges of incitement to murder, violation of "civil rights" and many other charges. As the notorious Jerris Leonard of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of the Justice wrote to me some years ago, when I complained that my civil rights had been violated, "If you think your civil rights have been violated, you should hire yourself a lawyer." It has been a longstanding maxim of the Department of Justice that white citizens have no civil rights under law and therefore the department can take no action on such complaints.

A few months after its initial impact, Roots was again broadcast in a weeklong television airing, in case some Negroes had missed the earlier command to exterminate the white citizens, a command which in any case was superfluous, because this had long been the most basic and immutable desire of the Negroes, and it needed no urging from the omnipresent television tubes.

The most universal and inescapable fact of American life today is Racial Hatred. By "racial hatred," we do not refer to any feeling held by whites against Negroes, for, despite the daily atrocities committed by black thugs against white children and defenseless elderly whites, very little hatred is sparked by these outrages. The basic fact of existence in the United States today is the deeply felt, implacable and irreconcilable hatred which Negroes carry in their hearts against all white people. No white person can even begin to visualize or to understand the depth of this hatred, even though they are reminded daily of its immediate results, in the torn and ravished bodies of white victims.

This racial hatred is a national problem today, because it has been deliberately nurtured by many federal programs for more than half a century. Millions of dollars of "poverty programs" were spent to hoard vast quantities of machine guns, pistols, rifles, bazookas, and ammunition in Negro neighborhoods, in preparation for a national "Nat Turner Day," when they will gleefully massacre all of the white citizens in a "final solution" of our racial differences.

The nationwide compulsory courses in "Black History" which are now taught in our schools and colleges are an essential factor in building up black anger for "Nat Turner Day," because these courses are an unrelieved recital of "white oppression" of Negroes in Africa, the United States and other parts of the world. No glimmer of fact or rationality is allowed to intrude on these massive doses of racial hatred, which succeed in indoctrinating the blacks in a lifelong resolve to massacre the white citizens.

No one could quarrel with a "Black History" course which actually recited the brutal facts of black history. Such a course would begin by pointing out that the now-vanished white hegemony in Africa had only two aims, which it largely succeeded in implementing—first, the bringing of Christian civilization to the blacks, and second, halting the incessant massacres of blacks by other black tribes in the continuous tribal warfare which has characterized the history of Africa. The "liberation of Africa" from this "white oppression," carried out by wholesale rapes and massacres of white nuns and white families in every "new nation" in Africa, was greeted with the wildest applause from religious leaders and government officials in the United States and in Europe. These religious leaders drool at the vision of the last white family in South Africa being hacked to death with machetes, as Africa once more becomes the "Dark Continent," to which any white man ventures at his peril. We already know, although we refuse to admit it, what "modern Africa" has become once the white Presence has been destroyed. Even such bastions of anti-white propaganda as the Washington Post and the New York Timeshave aired occasional fearful revelations of "the new Africa."

In the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Gregory Jaynes writes of "Uganda, Africa Apocalypse," in which he says, "Rape and theft are common, and it seems as if every third woman in Uganda is pregnant. 'I have had friends killed for a radio,' said Herman Marcksheffell, a West German engineer, describing a Polish professor's death. 'I had to identify his body the next day at the morgue. The whites carry submachine guns for their own protection.'" Jaynes mentions that the recent dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin, murdered a half million people, and that the country now needs two billion dollars (American) for "reconstruction". He concludes, "Uganda today is terrifying, without whites."

We may wonder that any white engineers or other white persons continue to remain in such a risky environment, until we remember that millions of white people in American cities also face the prospect of daily slaughter by Negroes, and that they continue to exist as terrified and hopeless victims of the federal "civil rights" programs which declared open season on all white citizens.

The Washington Post also ran a series of on-the-scene reports in Uganda in February, 1981, concluding that the prospect for the country's recovery was "hopeless". The most effective survey of Black Africa appears in a recent book, Fantastic Invasion, by Patrick Marnham, Harcourt Brace, NY 1979. He reveals that in the new black nations, the country has completely returned to the "bush". Marnham says that travel in Africa today is limited to flying from the airport of one national capital to the next. The cities are jammed with automobiles, but the roads end at the city limits, which mark the limits of the state's authority. Outside the city, all official life ends. It is as though three hundred yards outside of Washington, D.C., all paved roads disappeared and you were then in a completely savage land. Marnham says that in Nairobi, buses work for rival companies; the drivers race to pick up passengers, and fight the drivers of other buses with wrenches and knives. If a bus driver has a wreck, police never have a chance to ask him how the wreck occurred, because the angry passengers immediately drag him out of the bus and beat him to death. This, of course, is in Kenya, one of the most "civilized" of the new African nations. In most African countries, thieves are never arrested and brought to trial. If caught they are beaten to death with sticks, and left in the street.

Marnham writes that in Benin, natives are forbidden to talk to foreigners, or to read books. The State Radio is played at all times, in all public places, and at full volume, with denunciations of "capitalism", "colonialism", "feudalism" and so forth. Schweitzer's famous hospital for the blacks, built with donations from Americans, has been torn down. It seems that this misguided idealist, who devoted his life to "scraping scabs off of black bottoms," as I described him in an article in 1955, is now discredited as a "racist". Most medicines in African hospitals are kept without refrigeration, spoiled, and given in wrong doses by the Negro doctors and nurses, horror stories which can be duplicated in many "integrated" American hospitals today. The United Nations estimated in 1978, that five million Africans had been massacred in tribal wars since the whites were driven out. One Negro ruler, who called himself Emperor Bokassa, displeased by a group of school children, beat them to death with wooden clubs. Meanwhile, the media concentrated on the "oppression" of blacks in South Africa, the one nation where white hegemony continues to prevent the Negroes from slaughtering each other.

When February, 1981, was officially designated as National Black History Month in the United States, we waited in vain for any facts concerning the record of a people who had squatted motionless in dusty kraals for twenty thousand years, while they waited for white people to arrive and to bring them the benefits of civilization. Instead, we were treated to the lunatic fantasies of professional propagandists who continued to inundate us with stories of a great "black" civilization in Egypt, which was destroyed by the incompetence of whites who inherited it! We heard the usual nonsense about the Great Empire of Zimbabwe, fantasized as a great black culture, whose remains, in fact, are the crumbling adobe walls of holding pens built by Arab slave traders for their commercial operations.

In 1957, the Rockefellers published The Gaither Report, which, in the face of rapidly eroding American strength since 1945, sought to convince us that we could hold our own by continuing the same insane policies which were in fact bringing us down to the level of Soviet Russia, as they were intended to do. Under the auspices of M & N Associates of Chicago, I published in Aug. 1957, a rebuttal,The Mullins Report, which was nationally circulated, and which appears in toto in The Biological Jew, published in 1968. The Mullins Report begins as follows:

"By 1980, THE UNITED STATES WILL OCCUPY THE SAME POSITION IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS AS DOES INDIA TODAY. The United States will then be an overpopulated, impoverished country with a standard of living 50% below its 1957 level."

In 1980, the American people, with wood stoves and log cabins, were frantically trying to live as well as their ancestors did on the frontier. I concluded The Mullins Report by writing,

"Our mulatto grandchildren will placidly watch the decay of the nation they inherited, while the rest of the world, including Soviet Russia, pays no more attention to us than is presently paid to the mouthings of the mulatto inhabitants of India. The world is realistic."

In hindsight, The Mullins Report is unfair in its mention of India in this respect. Neither I nor any other geopolitician can seriously pretend that the government of India in 1980 would have allowed a small group of terrorists in Iran to hold 52 of India's official government representatives for 444 days in conditions of abuse and torture. The government of India would have acted within five days to put an end to such a situation.

One motivation for the implacable hatred which American Negroes bear against all white people is their nostalgia for the halcyon days of life on the old Southern plantations. Although the federal government has acted to recreate this pleasant existence by giving the Negroes free medical care, free housing, and free food, they have been unable to restore the ambience of the Southern system, and what William R. Taylor refers to as "an unquenchable happiness" of the slave life (Cavalier and Yankee, Geo. Braziller, NY., 196. p. 126) Even black historians have published statistics which showed, to their amazement, the refutation of the entire Roots lies by proving that the pre-Civil War South had actually been a demi-paradise for the blacks. In exchange for a few hours of work during the growing season, they were provided with food and housing vastly superior to anything known in tribal Africa. These black historians proved that the propaganda lies about "abuse" were without foundation.

The Negro Plantation workers actually represented the largest capital investment of the Southern planters. No one could seriously claim that this necessary property could be abused, even if the planters had wishes to do so. The truth was that white families on the Southern plantations, a dozen or so persons living in remote rural areas, far from assistance, and surrounded by from fifty to a hundred Negroes, actually lived as hostages of the slave population, and had to be very cordial to them, always fearful of offending them in some minor way.

There were many recorded instances of some white man, who, having unwittingly offended one of the blacks on the plantation, would be found dead, either because the cinch on his saddle had been purposely loosened by faithful Ptolemy, or because he had been poisoned by a "devoted" household servant. Even today, survivors of the old Southern families use the most cordial and wheedling tones when addressing any Negro person, and are the architects of most of the political programs enacted by the federal government to "restore" the privileges which the Negroes enjoyed during the "unquenchable happiness" of plantation life.

Like the white "invaders" of the Black Continent, the Southern families did their best to inculcate Christian principles in their charges. In contrast to the Abolitionist portrait of a Simon Legree mercilessly beating his slaves, listen to the factual account of Solomon Northup, Twelve Years a Slave, Derby and Miller, Auburn, N.Y., 1853,

"We usually spent our Sabbaths at the opening, on which days our master would gather all his slaves about him, and read and expound the Scriptures. He sought to inculcate in our minds feelings of kindness towards each other, of dependence upon God—setting forth the rewards promised unto those who lead an upright and prayerful life. Seated in the doorway of his house, surrounded by his manservants and his maidservants, who looked earnestly into the good man's face, he spoke of the loving kindness of the Creator, and of the life that is to come."

Because of this religious training, the Negroes were able to establish their own black churches, which have remained the cultural centers of Negro life in America. Even in the halcyon days of plantation life, because of their instinctive hatred of whites, many Negroes plotted to kill their masters, and the short-lived Nat Turner rebellion in Virginia was one result of these fantasies. A few discontented slaves went on a rampage and murdered some white families, but, to their amazement, their fellow blacks refused to give up their comfortable lives, and they were soon arrested.

In Haiti, the Negroes did carry out a successful attack on the outnumbered whites, and murdered every white person in Haiti, fulfilling the greatest black dream of all, the complete extermination of the white man. Haiti soon became the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere, with nationwide illiteracy, poverty, hunger and disease. As a result, we are besieged with demands that we "help" the killers, and also that we allow them unlimited immigration to the United States! We now provide most of Haiti's budget, because its government is too corrupt to collect taxes, and squanders what funds it can beg.

American Negroes do not realize that the federal government whose bounty now supports them is the same government which destroyed their idyllic plantation existence. The Civil War wiped out the white culture by military force, and replaced it with a Reconstruction culture which denigrated everything the white people had stood for. This Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to about 1880, when Southern whites regained partial control of their state governments. This control was again attacked when the federal government launched the Second Reconstruction Period in 1954, and again seized control of state governments and institutions by military force.

As Northern armies swept through the South, they were followed by profiteers, as described in New Masters, Northern Planters during the Civil War and Reconstruction, Lawrence Powell, Yale 1980. The Abolitionist agitators from New England, wealthy families such as the Higginsons and Lowells, seized many of the great Southern plantations in Direct Tax sales held by occupation armies. These looters were a strange combination of missionaries, educators, bankers and textile tycoons seeking cheap cotton for their mills. It was the depredations of these carpetbaggers which aroused such bitterness in the South, and caused the term "damyankee" to persist even today.

To protect these Northern looters from the anger of the Southern whites, the Union armies, by military force, established for the first time federal courts, federal prisons, and federal insane asylums in the Southern states. Constitutional historians have overlooked the fact that "States Rights" were really Constitutional rights, which established absolute limits to any federal presence in the states without permission of the state governments. Prior to military occupation, there were no federal courts or prisons in the states!

The United States Constitution limits the federal government to the Distrait of Columbia, (Art. I, Sec. 8), further codified in the U.S. Code, Title 4 #6, "Permanent seat of government; that part of the territory of the United States included within the present limits of the District of Columbia shall be the permanent seat of government of the United States. R.S. 1975." Title 4 #7. "Public offices at seat of government. All offices attendant to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, not elsewhere, except as expressly provided by law. R.S. 1796."

"Not elsewhere" expressly prohibits the federal government from setting up any federal courts or offices anywhere in the states. Because of this prohibition, the Southerners were correct in firing upon Fort Sumter, after they had asked the federal government to remove this encroachment upon the states, and had been refused.

"Federal courts are not courts of record of a state, although they are courts of record within the states." St. v. Pierce, 209 N.W. 693, 191 Wis. 1.

"The states have exclusive jurisdiction of offenses against state laws." 36 Corpus Juris Secundum p. 35.

"Federal courts will not interfere with the internal affairs of a state or its regulation thereof by constitution or by statute." Liberty Cent. Trust Co. v. Greenbrier College for Women, D.C.W.Va. 50 Fed. 424 affirmed 51 S.CT. 495, 20 U.S. 800, 75 L.Ed 1422.

To revoke the federal government's invasions of the states, citizens must oppose the federal presence in every way, by filing suits against any federal entity found outside the District of Columbia. These illegal operations, set up by military occupation of the states, can be redressed by legal means, as the entire nation must defend itself against black terrorists who are supported by federal judges and United States marshals in their depredations against white citizens. School systems, which were not even state operations, but were locally controlled, now are controlled by the federal government. This was accomplished only after Chief Justice Fred Vinson of the Supreme Court, who refused to rule in favor of "forced racial integration," was murdered, and was replaced by the war criminal Warren, the only American who has ever established and filled concentration camps on American soil. After the Warren decision, I wrote in 1955, "Close the Public Schools!" This step was required if we were to save millions of white children from dangerous and degrading experiences. My demand was ignored, and since 1955, millions of white children have been beaten, robbed, stabbed, raped, and introduced to drugs in our federally integrated schools. All of these children were victims of Warren and the federal government, who by federal decree placed their tender lives at the mercy of ruthless, white-hating black thugs. Thousands of white teachers have been beaten, many of them killed, because the federal government forced them to endure the assaults from black terrorists who were protected by federal court decrees and United States marshals.

While one third of a nation cowers in terror of assault from blacks, this same federal government denounces other governments for their reputed denial of "human rights"! What do we know or care about "human rights" in South Korea, Chile or South Africa, when white children and elderly whites are denied the most rudimentary rights of existence in the United States? One third of our population lives in daily terror of being beaten or killed in their homes, in the schools, or even walking on the public streets. For this reason alone, the federal government, which has deliberately created this atmosphere of terror, must be driven out of the states and the local police allowed to protect the citizens from harm, as they did until federal judges ordered them to cease and desist.

In the Negro communities of America today, there are gangs of black thugs whose initiation requirements demand that the recruit must have raped a white girl, and he must have killed a white person in cold blood. This rite originated in the customs of the Masai tribe in Africa, where the youth, armed only with a spear, must face and kill a lion. If he survives, he receives the privileges of an adult. In the United States, the white person has been substituted for the absent lions. Because the black thugs cannot publicly take credit for their ritual executions of white people, most of them elderly white people living alone, or small white children going to and from school, and stalked and trapped while going through black areas, these executions are routinely camouflaged in police reports as "robberies" or as "accidents".

In one Negro neighborhood in Washington, D.C. a number of elderly white women have been brutally murdered in their rooms in recent weeks. In each case, these impoverished whites lived alone, the only white residents in buildings occupied by blacks. In each case, their neighbors claimed they saw and heard nothing. The murders are "unsolved" and ignored by the press, which would be guilty of federal prohibitions against "racism" if it was pointed out that all the victims were white, and the killers were black. These ritual murders of poor white widows have gone unremarked by the present mayor, Mayor Barry, perhaps because he is busy denying any knowledge that his wife siphoned off $680,000 of federal funds from "PRIDE", the black organization which he originated. No prosecutions are contemplated.

To counter public alarm about the increasing attacks on whites, the national media for many weeks has publicized the deaths of some black children in Atlanta. The police deliberately destroyed evidence that the killings were the work of a young black pervert, while the media claimed that "the klan" was responsible. Because these deaths occurred in the heart of Atlanta's vast black area, no investigator seriously believed that any white could repeatedly go into this area, seize a black child and carry him off, as any white person would be in great danger if he dared to appear in the black neighborhood. This nationwide fake campaign of slander against whites made wild demands for "emergency measures" and FBI intervention.

We recall a recent incident of much greater import, but confined to the murders of white youths, were quickly covered up by the media. In Houston, where thirty-eight white boys were tortured and murdered, not only was there no call for federal intervention, but the local police ignored the pleas of the families of the missing youths, even though they had evidence and identification of the killers!

A United States Senator quickly covered up the facts when his daughter was killed in her bedroom by her Negro lover, who had had "house privileges" for some weeks. The Senator's aides informed him that his white constituents would turn against him if they knew he had permitted his daughter to entertain her black lover in her bedroom, while his Negro constituents would be offended if he had the black killer arrested and prosecuted. The murderer walks the streets a free man, while the Senator continues to "serve" his country.

Few white persons have ever read the writings of Negroes which openly express their implacable hatred of all white people. Those mentally unbalanced white liberals, including our "Christian" ministers, government officials and educators, who devote their energies to "bettering" the lot of the blacks at the expense of white taxpayers, ignore the hymns of hatred which are preached in the writing of Baldwin, Cleaver, Malcolm X and other Negro leaders. Negroes boast to each other about black cooks spitting in the soup of the most expensive restaurants which cater to whites, and of black field workers who urinate into crates of fruits and vegetables as they load them for shipment to supermarkets. White people refuse to believe that such hatted exists in our nation, despite the racial attacks which occur daily.

Has any white American read Drylongso, A Self Portrait of Black Americans, by the noted Negro historian, John Langston Gwaltney (Random House, N.Y., 1980). On p. 59, Howard Rountree is interviewed. He says, "We couldn't think of nothing in this world no lower than white man! There is just nothing else you can do but hate them suckers." Miss Erica Allen says, "My uncle is a preacher and he says that white people are born evil. He can't stand white people." Another Negro says, p. 83, "Yaller's so lowdown; hate pale too." This sentiment expresses a hatred of whites so intense that it is extended to Negroes who show any evidence of white blood. In Negro parlance, the white man is referred to by the code name of Charlie. One of the flood of intensely anti-white plays produced on Broadway by Jews was called Blues for Mr. Charlie, a fanatical outpouring of hatred against all white people. Melvin Wilmot says, p. 128, "White people lie so much that they can't tell the difference between a lie and the truth. White folks are the biggest liars ever spit shines shoe heel." Velma Cunningham says, p. 220. "Them white doctors ain't nothing but skunks, jus like al the res' o they coluh."

These quotes are not from fanatical black leaders, but are interviews of the most ordinary members of the black community, who freely express to each other their unending resentment and hatred of all white People. Such hatred, which is inconceivable to most white people, has its roots in the basic tribalism of the African mind, which is characterized by the desire to kill without mercy all members of other tribes. In the United States, the Negroes are now one tribe; all whites have become "the other tribe" and can be killed at any time. This is the most dominant fact of American politics today, although it is suppressed by all officials and by the media. Negroes routinely kill their white "enemies" by decapitation, arson, or wooden clubs, which makes the national campaign to ban handguns a campaign to disarm whites who might defend themselves against attack by Negroes. A favorite Negro technique is to toss a can of gasoline into a crowded room or tavern, throw in a match, and incinerate everyone in the room.

One of the most terrifying stories of the past decade, which was totally ignored by the national media, was the story of the Zebra massacres in San Francisco. During one hundred and seventy-nine days of citywide terror in 1973 and 1974, a band of Negro killers roamed the streets of San Francisco, methodically executing white citizens. Most of them were killed by pistol shots at close range, although some of the unfortunate white victims were tied up and hacked to death with machetes. Not one of these killings was a robbery, each one was a cold blooded execution of a white person by hate-filled blacks. At the very beginning of this massacre, police learned that the Zebra killers were deliberately murdering whites, but they refused to interfere. Fearing this revelation might provoke a "racial incident," they were silenced by Mayor Alioto (who is still litigating his alleged ties with the Mafla).

After many weeks of suppressing the evidence, and while black policemen routinely reported to their Muslim brothers all investigations of the killings, the police finally began to stop a few Negroes on the street and question them about the murders of whites. The NAACP, ACLU, the FBI, and other groups immediately launched a barrage of protests, and the inquiries were halted, although the killings continued. City officials, federal officials, religious leaders, the media and Negro leaders were joined in a terrible conspiracy to allow the murderers to continue without hindrance.

Because of this conspiracy to commit murder, the families of the murdered whites could have sued the city officials, but no such suits were ever filed. One of the last whites to be murdered before several of the Zebra killers were arrested by accident, the scion of a wealthy Eastern family, Nelson Sheilds IV, was shot down as he unloaded some sports equipment from his car. His grieving father has since devoted his time and money to working in Washington to ban handguns! He said, "Negroes didn't kill my boy—guns killed my boy!" This wealthy white liberal refused to admit that several of the whites had been killed by machetes, nor has he tried to ban machetes.

It is a tragic fact that aware whites are fast becoming a minority in America. It is estimated that by the year 2000 the minority races in America will outnumber the whites and also be able to outvote them. In all truth, we may be able to say that aware whites—those who are aware of their racial heritage and proud to be white—are already a minority in America. Many whites are white in race only, as their loyalty, is not with the white race.

A dope crazed and murderous mélange of Puerto Ricans, blacks, asians and other Afrit or Afroida mixtures, are now rapidly becoming the majority in America. The one bond they have in common is their deep-seated hatred of the white race. While their original homeland, "The Dark Continent" has quickly reverted to its historic condition of total savagery after the brutal massacre of the white settlers, America now is destined to become the "Tragic Continent" as human aspirations of freedom are submerged by the implacable hatred and desire of all colored people to exterminate all white people.