How about we just choke the next person who comes along and utters the phrase "the problem in the black community is the fatherless household?" 

I think most of the people making that claim are just liberal shills out here with the paid internet shill job of pretending to be conservatives and directing the sheep towards dead end conversations in reference to the proverbial "conversation about race" that we always hear needs to be had. What are we supposed to do? Spend God knows how many decades trying to repair the black family and hope the rape and murder rates of black on white crimes just start to diminish? Not acceptable. The only acceptable thing is for the black on white robbery, rape, and murder rate to disappear immediately, and that is not going to happen. Unless they are deported. Even disarming the Negroes would not stop them from killing. They very often do it without guns, even using their bare hands. 

And no, the 75% fatherless household of the Negroes is not the problem. The problem with the Negroes is that they are Negroes. It is genetic. It is not environmental, and the occasional decent Negro or Negro family one encounters out here in the real world on occasion does nothing to mitigate that FACT.

They are Negroes. And Negroes have their NEGRO ways, and once white domination of the Negro, and I mean white dominance to the extent that they (whites) treat the Negroes like children and literally dictate to them where they can pee and eat, disappears, and the Negroes are let out of their cages, the Negroes return very quickly to their Negro ways that so often involve violence and mayhem.  The heavy melanin of their skin literally programs into them the desire to kill the lightest skinned among them, so that once they ultimately finish off the white people among them, they then start with the lightest skinned among their own race, and the albinos literally go first, if there are any around, followed by the mulattos, etc.  In Africa they literally eat the body parts of the Albinos, because their superstitious, electromagnetically charged via heavy melanin in their skin asses are so damned superstitious. It can be argued that the electromagnetic skin of the Negro is so much a part of this matrix that it could literally account for the superstitious nature so typical of the race. I can tell you that my own experience with Negroes on facebook in terms of such things as out of body experiences they had and such things as visitations of beings they are the only ones who had them often and with ease. The experience whites have with the matrix are different. They involve the heart and mind. The two species are wired differently in every imaginable way.

Do not point at the liberals' token Negroes and tell me they are indicative of of the Negro race as a whole. Because I can go right down the street and get you 5 hundred savages of the same skin color. How do I know the Negroes' problem is not the fatherless household? Because my son had a fatherless household from approximately the age of 2. And he is a well adjusted human being. Not a savage criminal. 

Every excuse imaginable has been made for the Negroes. The savagery and parasitic and utterly worthless nature of the race as a whole has been blamed on everything from the current "fatherless household" claim, to poverty. And yet they failed to explain why it should be blamed on poverty when there was no noted increase in the white violent crime rate even in the days of the Depression, when people were literally starving to death all over the country. 

The Negroes' problem.... is that they are Negroes. And they have their Negro ways.