I see tweets from racist Negroes and terrorist Arab scum all the time on Twitter about killing white people, explosives planted in Britain that they are not telling us about....you name it, the savages put it out there.  And every time I run across a tweet of that sort, my first and instantaneous question is "Why isn't somebody just taking this savage out?"  

If Europe and America continue to yield to the ever increasing invasion of non-whites into their lands with the so called "white flight" response, which in reality is nothing more than the phenomenon of fleeing an invading force, I foresee a world in which in which white alpha males (and a few alpha females) will be forced to assume the role of the hunter, and via subterfuge and secrecy begin once again to eliminate the savages among us in the old style of the KKK, except in a much less flamboyant manner.   The KKK itself wasn't even created to do such things, but rather found itself forced into exactly that situation to protect life, family, and property when hundreds of thousands of feral Negroes were simply unleashed upon them at the end of the Civil War.

Those Negroes had not even been enslaved by white people, as virtually ALL of the slave owners in America were JEWS and free NEGROES themselves, because prior to a NEGRO suing to make an indentured servant a permanent slave in 1654, permanent slavery had not even existed in America.  What existed was an institution known as "indentured servitude," in which more financially able white people bought and paid for the services of another white person for a specified number of years, usually 7, in return for the wealthier person paying for the voyage of the indentured servant to be able to come to America.  America was literally a place people would sell years of their lives to be able to come to.  And then the Jew brought the Negro, and it has all been downhill ever since.  However, for a while, all things remained the same after the arrival of the Negroes as indentured servants, and the Negroes were freed just like the whites were after their period of indentured servitude under contract was over.  It was the Jews and the Negroes themselves who were responsible, and it was nothing more than their attempt to Africanize this continent.  

Don't let them lie to you and tell you that America was an evil, vicious place where evil white people settled, and on the way here they stopped off in Africa and kidnapped a few Negroes to be their slaves from then on.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But to get back to the original point, that did not stop the hundreds of thousands of feral Negroes running the country side from just moving out and beginning what we should by now recognize as their societal pattern of robbery, rape, torture, and murder.  And that is what they are still doing to this day.  The crime statistics are revolting. And sobering.  Because you cannot acknowledge the reality of our situation without by association recognizing the utter savagery of the typical Negro.

This is what white civilization is being reduced to.  When I was a child growing up we did not have to fear violent and lawless gangs of Negroes.  Or any other non-whites.  We lived our lives safe in the comfort that those kinds of demons were very rare outside our doors, and feared nothing.  And now they are about to put you into the position, if you don't act before they do it, of making it a way of life that you either become the hunter or the hunted, and have no doubt that the white race will be hunted to extinction if it allow that to happen.  If you don't believe that just ask the Native American Europeans, whose heads were kept as "trophies by the Asiatic hordes they call the "native Americans" after they moved in and simply slaughtered the white, indigenous, WOVEN BASKET AND DUCK CALL MAKING population of North America.  

However, as apathetic and slow to act as whites are, and in spite of the fact that I foresee that there will come a time when the alphas among us learn to hunt again, and do so without remorse,  the only question that remains to be answered is whether there will be enough of you left that that point to make a difference.  I also foresee a day when I will be one of those people, because this is coming much faster than you know.  If you don't get off your ass and do something to take your ancestral homelands back from the invading armies, you will not be able to prevent or escape it.  

That's Right. You liberals ignore the realities about Black Criminal behavior in this country today.