By: Julie Mitchell

I sometimes find it amusing the way the Jews brainwashed ordinary Americans into believing that the Negro race is equal to the white one via their "multicultural" agenda.  I find it amusing because it is simply not intellectually possible to fail to recognize the cold hard truth that the Negroes are clearly not equal to whites on any level, or equal to any other race of people on the planet, for that matter.  That should be obvious to any sane individual with at least a modicum of ability for critical thought.  In those almost surreal moments when I look around and realize how easy it was for the Jews to pull this off, and thus realize how stupid whites have the potential to be, and how gullible they truly are, I get a brief respite from the utter sadness of it all, and I take a moment to laugh AT the sheep, who would undoubtedly be stupid enough to think I was laughing with them.  

It is a very sad thing to witness a race of people blindly accepting their own extinction and the extinction of their culture as if it doesn't really matter, especially in light of the fact that it is that very race of people who alone are responsible for virtually all that is good in the world, and who alone are responsible for civilization as we know it. What many whites are now doing dishonors the majesty and ingenuity and sheer grandeur of our ancestors in favor of the survival of such races of people as the Negroes and the Latinos, races that on the whole have never even progressed beyond the construction of an abode any more advanced than a straw and mud hut or a tee pee.  What whites as a collective are doing is a sign of a sort of spiritual bankruptcy that exists on a level that is difficult for me to fathom.

There is, however, for those of us awake enough to realize what is happening here, only one question to be asked in reference to this utterly ridiculous and deadly predicament we find ourselves in, and that question is whether or not we are going to let it continue until such time as this Negroid race of people has utterly destroyed our civilization, or whether or not we will find the gumption to expel them from our society before we do something as suicidal as letting in the entire country of Mexico and ultimately have to repeat the process with those savages, or whether or not we will roll up our sleeves and get to work now before we are surrounded by Negroes and Mestizos, two races of people who WILL slaughter us once they come to outnumber us.

If you doubt that FACT, you need to examine the historical record as it is written by someone other than Jews and their lackeys, because that is what they (the non-whites) have done EVERY single time such has been the case. In the meantime both races will just continue to parasitize of hard working, good hearted, white America. 

Our predicament arises from the fact that we have labeled and as our equal a savage race that in reality has never contributed one positive thing to our society, and instead has only served to diminish what we were and still could be, on every level.  In conjunction with this completely unwarranted adjustment of our own assessments in terms of the typical Negro, we have given these pavement apes the right to ASSUME they are equal to us, which only serves to embolden a race of people given to committing the most savage acts of criminality one can imagine possible.  

In 2007 there were 37,000 rapes of white women by Negro males, an average of 100 per day, if I am remembering the correct year. There were less than 10 recorded white on black rapes, which means there were zero, because when a Latino/Mestizo rapes a Negro female, they categorize him as white, and thereby inflate the white crime rates. 

In 2003 there were 19,293 white women raped by Negro males. And they were raped solely because they were white. The black on white crime is at epidemic proportions in America. Between 2000 and 2010, 65,000 white Americans were slaughtered by Negroes, and the Negroes have slaughtered in savage ways almost 1 million white Americans since 1900.  Negroes commit so many brutal and savage murders that if they covered every single one of those murders with the same saturation they covered the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin killing, we would never see anything other than the bulbous face of a negro roll across the television screen. But they never reveal these things to you. Why not?  Because you can bet your ass that if the colors of the victim and murderer or rapist were reversed, and that the many murderers were WHITE people instead of Negroes, they would call them a "hate crime" and every Jew owned network would carry the story of big bad whitey 24/7. And you know it. 90% of interracial crime is black on white. The rest is white, which is really Mestizo, on black. 

Given the aforementioned statistics, the question is this: "How can you justify giving this race of people, of whom so many of them are committing these horrific acts against the white race simply because they are white, equal rights on the level of the race that does not do these things, the white one? Especially when the white race can essentially live in a perfectly safe and virtually crime free society if the Negro race is gone? 

Where is it written that true freedom entails bestowing upon the monster who is likely to rape and murder me, my children, or my grandchildren the same right we have to walk down the sidewalks of our cities?  How can it be justified that the right to be a savage race that parasitizes off a civilized race supersedes my right not to have to fear any such thing when I leave my house alone and walk down the street at night?  Where is it written that the need for the fat, single, Negro mother, or the fat and married Latino mother for that matter, to feed her umpteen children is more important than my need to provide myself with more than I do, or the animals I have rescued and take care of, or my own grandchildren?  Especially when those fat, non-white mothers are cranking out one little brat after another that all white women will have to fear, and all white men, for that matter, one Trayvon Martin after another.  We are funding the very army they are creating to destroy us. Where is it written that giving up my own personal safety in favor of the savage's right to live next door to me, or down the street from me, or in my state, is part and parcel of genuine freedom?  Sounds to me like I am not free at all, and the Negro or Mestizo is the only thing that matters.  When do I get my share of freedom and humanity?

A civilization that allows itself to form along such brutal lines is the equivalent of allowing the law of the jungle to rule and be the norm on its city streets. Civilization is referred to as "civilization" because it is CIVILIZED. The Negro race of people has no right to be here, nor do any of the other non-whites, and that includes Jews. They are not and never will be our equals.  They have their own places on this globe we call earth.  They need to stay on them or go back to them, whichever the case may be, because the Negro certainly needs to be repatriated to the continent of Negro origin, Africa.  Where the Jews go, who knows, but they need to be expelled from all white countries, and a thorough understanding of the historical record is more than sufficient to justify that action.

All over the planet various races of people have demanded that we leave all of their "ancestral homelands," as they would be referred to, even in places where the white race preceded virtually all other races in known historic times, South Africa being the most notable example, where white settlements preceded the arrival of the Negro from out of the jungles far to the north by at least 100 years.  And in every instance, even in those legitimate white countries of South Africa and Rhodesia, the white race has been forced out by a combination of outside, Jew led pressure and overwhelming numbers of non-whites, the Negroes always being the most deadly, as we are seeing in the continued genocide of the whites of South Africa at the hands of utterly barbaric Negro savages..

When the non-white races issued these demands in terms of their ancestral homelands, they (unwittingly) acknowledged that as a race, we Aryans have the same rights in terms of our "ancestral homelands, and It is time for our race to demand the same courtesy.  Clean, crime free, white society is the natural right of all members of the white, Aryan race.  Negroes and all other races are granted the right to govern themselves around the globe.  They have absolutely no rights that we do not possess as well, especially in our own countries, Europe and America, and it is time for the white race to claim that right if it has any hope of surviving the white genocide against us now being carried out at an ever increasing rate.  When the white race is gone, civilization on the planet will fail to the extent that it will never again amount to anything more than the current conditions in the absolute worst of the third world countries.

George Orwell wrote, "if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." That may be the ultimate end they bring the non-white races to once the white race is annihilated, but the end for the white race will not look like that, and the end for the white race is coming much more quickly than that end for the non-whites. Instead of a boot to the face, you can imagine your children and grandchildren coming to an end with the hands of a Negro around their throat, with yellowed, dead, soulless bulging eyes, big purple lips, and the stench that comes with it being the last thing they ever see. Imagine looking at that as it takes your life.

That is happening all the time, all over the country. The Negroes are a violent, lawless, unruly, uncivilized, utterly savage race of feral proto humans for the most part. And although I pity the occasional exception to the rule, that is just the plain truth. As a "people," they are in temperament, moral integrity, social ability, and emotional grounding diametrically opposed to the white race.  The white race alone has created the most just and honorable societies in history. Negro run societies are still plagueed with tendencies to do such things as chase each other down in the middle of the "street" and hack each other to death with a machete, or chase one another into the bushes and burn others alive in front of a crowd.

That is Negro society, as South Africa is learning since the Jew forced them to let the Negroes out of the apartheid cage. That is what is growing and reproducing in your midst.  And don't think the mestizos will prove to be that much better. Right now they are just focused on killing the Negroes in the southwest. But it would behoove you to remember they are the direct descendants of the Asiatic hordes that refer to themselves as "native Americans" today, the people that settled south of the current border, and they slaughtered the indigenous whites when they arrived, as is the norm with overwhelming numbers of non-whites. And when the whites finally made it back the savages were still ripping the hearts out of live human victims in huge sacrificial ceremonies. 

Are these people our equal? I just don't see how the claim that they are can possibly be supported by even a cursory look at the empirical evidence.  Rather, even a cursory look at the evidence destroy that claim in its entirety.