The idea of slavery as an "institutionalized" part of American life prior to the Civil War in this country is just as much a lie as the Holohoax lie, with the exception of a few anglomoron Jewish lackeys. In fact, they want you to believe that the Civil War was fought over slavery, which it was not, and that all blacks in this country were still enslaved by whites by the time it rolled around. So here are some little known facts for you, and once you familiarize yourself with them, you should be able to clearly see is that what was really going on was the FACT that the negroes in this country who were free, which was most of them by that time, were in the process of "Africanizing" this continent, because of in New Orleans alone, 3,000, or 28% percent of free negroes owned slaves. Meanwhile, it is a WELL DOCUMENTED FACT that less than 1% of Americans ever owned slaves, so what we have once again is a savage people projecting onto the white race their own actions. 

"Affirmative Action" and "Diversity Programs" are nothing more than nice sounding monikers for racial discrimination. There is actually more likelihood of an African American having direct ancestors who owned Black slaves on this continent than a White person having a direct ancestor who owned slaves.