By Julie Mitchell

In pre Civil War America, 1 in 100 white people would have owned a slave.          

The polar opposite to that was the Negroes, because 1 in 4 free Negroes in pre Civil War America owned their own Negro slave.  And the Negroes were brought here by the Jews in the first place, who purchased them from their fellow Negro savages in West Africa, a continent upon which they still slaughter, enslave, rape, torture, and EAT each other to this very day.  

That one simple fact alone is enough to shatter every historical lie written in reference to the so called "institution" of slavery in America, which in reality was nothing more than a Jewish and NEGRO business.  That one simple fact is also enough to warrant the expulsion of both of these vile and disgusting races from our midst forthwith.  The Negroes and their Jewish masters have used their lies in  reference to the slave trade to hold white America hostage for a very long time.  And all the while whitey has been carrying them for imaginary sins of the past, they have been robbing, raping, torturing, and slaughtering members of the white race at epidemic levels.  

It is time to throw both the Jews in control of our government and their non-white pets to the dogs.  And guess what? They owe us.  Big time.  We would be foolish to ever let them forget it, and even more foolish to ever associate with them again in the future once we are rid of them.