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Slavery in America: A Jewish and Negro BUSINESS

Posted by Julie Mitchel on Friday, July 5, 2013, In : The black slavery in america myth 

By Julie Mitchell

In pre Civil War America, 1 in 100 white people would have owned a slave.          

The polar opposite to that was the Negroes, because 1 in 4 free Negroes in pre Civil War America owned their own Negro slave.  And the Negroes were brought here by the Jews in the first place, who purchased them from their fellow Negro savages in West Africa, a continent upon which they still slaughter, enslave, rape, torture, and EAT each other to this very day.  

That one simple fact alone is ...

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The Savage Negro Cannot Be Civilized

Posted by Julie Mitchel on Thursday, May 2, 2013, In : Immediate Worldwide Segregation is the Only Solution to Failed Multiculturalism 
There is an element of the black race that literally cannot be civilized.  

The slave trade was nothing more than the Jews and blacks trying to Africanize this continent. And they did.  Because we look more and more like Africa every day. There are some who are aware of the Jews' responsibility for slavery, but the responsibility of the blacks themselves is far greater in terms of actual ownership. They truly are the Jews' pets.  

By the time of the civil war, free blacks were 5 TIMES more like...

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