There is an element of the black race that literally cannot be civilized.  

The slave trade was nothing more than the Jews and blacks trying to Africanize this continent. And they did.  Because we look more and more like Africa every day. There are some who are aware of the Jews' responsibility for slavery, but the responsibility of the blacks themselves is far greater in terms of actual ownership. They truly are the Jews' pets.  

By the time of the civil war, free blacks were 5 TIMES more likely to own a slave than white people. A very small percentage of whites owned slaves. Ever. In New Orleans alone, however, at the time of the Civil War, 3,000 blacks, or 28% of the black population, owned a slave. So who do these people want those reparations from? Are they going to take payments from themselves out of their monthly food stamp allotment that our government pays them? 

To repeat, there is a current element of the black race that cannot be civilized. They just can't.  And there are many among the hispanics as well. If you don't believe that, just watch the video link below.  It is time to start viewing, considering, and perceiving of these people as unwelcome elements of your society. Interlopers, invaders, if you will. There is a continent that their ancestors originated on. They all brag about it and talk about it fondly. It is time for them to go back, because they cannot stay here and live among us and our children. That simply cannot be allowed.

You may be inclined to gasp at that suggestion and exclaim that it is unconscionable that I utter such a thing if you live somewhere like I do in still relatively peaceful Southeast Missouri, for example, where the effects of allowing this race to stay on this continent when they were freed from slavery, although mostly FROM THEMSELVES, have not yet come home to roost, but they will. And just because it is not affecting you directly does not mean it has not already forced some poor bloke to move his blue eyed and blond haired children to a safer place, which it has already done so to millions and millions of Americans.  It is called white flight. And the stupid fucking sheep are in such a chemically induced catatonic stupor that they don't really even recognize it for what it is. And that is forced immigration because one is fleeing an invading force. 

These animals are even savagizing our police, to coin a term. Our police look at these animals and deal with them to the extent that they are starting to perceive of the human race as savage.  There are many who would say that the actions of the cops in the video below is police brutality. I beg to differ. This group of people could stand to be captured with one of those hooks on a pole the animal control guy uses to catch feral dogs. Yes. Say it. It is true. Don't teach the human race that to do that to another human being is immoral and unethical and then create a society around them where that sort of behavior is NECESSARY to ensure one's survival, because personally I would have no problem catching these people with such a piece of equipment, forcing them into a cage, putting them on a boat, and sending them back to Africa, and any self respecting member of the black race should NECESSARILY feel the same way. As a matter of fact, I would prefer doing it with that method, because that way I wouldn't have to put my hands on the AIDS infested savages. 

Meanwhile, on the continent of their (the blacks) origin, Africa, where white people created a civilization that was designed for the good of all, recognizing unabashedly in the process of creating that civilization the utterly uncivilizable nature of this same element of the black race, and consequently instituting a form of government designed to protect the health and lives of themselves and their loved ones, the Jews have engineered a coup of the South African government, via the help of the liberal Jews and their Anglo lackeys in America, in conjunction with the help of subterranean and materialist Negroes like Oprah Winfrey, hiding their takeover of said government behind their savage communist black puppets, the African National Congress.   And once they successfully accomplished the takeover of the South African government they turned that savage and programmed (via the Jews) element of the black race loose on the white population of South Africa, and 70,000 of those people (white South Africans) have been tortured and slaughtered in horrific ways since then, with almost 200 more dead this past week.  And if the person being tortured is a woman she is simultaneously raped with every imaginable thing while she is being tortured and THEN slaughtered. 

It is time for the black race to recognize these elements within their race and assist us in expelling these elements from our society, indeed, from our country itself, along with the Jews who are engineering all of it. There is a clear pattern of Jewish manipulation in flooding this continent with hordes of the savage element of this race. In fact, if one looks at the history for what it is, there is a very clear historical pattern in which the Jews have employed this exact same tactic to destroy every great white civilization of the past with non-white hordes.  This particular color just happens to be the one they are using to destroy that part of the great white civilizations we refer to collectively as Western Civilization that is America.  Our forefathers, the anti-abolitionists, recognized the savagery of this element of the black race and tried to warn us. And one has to consider the FACT that many of those who were enslaved at the time were enslaved by NEGROES THEMSELVES. Maybe you should stop and think for a minute and consider, white and black people, the fact that your forefathers definitely appear to have been smart enough to recognize those elements of the black race that to this day appear to be fit for nothing but slavery at the end of a whip or a quick and brutal death at a young age on a continent that nature had them isolated on, and on which by now they would most likely have destroyed themselves entirely if left alone and entirely to themselves, and the planet would have been rid of them for good. 

If you don't understand what I am talking about when I use the term "savage Negro," watch the video below, and then familiarize yourself with a youtube channel named 5723 Michael and then let that black man tell you about his race. Wake up sheep.  I have videos of groups of black leaders standing on street corners in YOUR COUNTRY with their tom toms accompanied by one with a microphone who is literally screaming to an audience and passers by that if they want to be free they are "GONNA HAFTA KILL SOME CRACKAS!!! YOU GONNA HAFTA KILL SUMA DAY BAYBIES!!!"  Like they are not already practicing a freedom they don't deserve and that they absolutely SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE. There are videos of a nation of Islam leader giving speeches at an American university in New Jersey in which he says the same thing, and a LOT more, up to and including digging whitey up after you have already killed him and buried him so that you "can kill him again because he didn't die hard enough the first time."  And if you can't dig him up just stand over the grave and shoot into it. There are quotations from black African leaders in South Africa literally telling the whites they are going to kill them all.  The American Black Panther Party has even been down in South Africa calling for your extermination.  The savage element of this race, in conjunction with the ever manipulative Jew, who has done it silently and in a very different way, has declared war on you. It is time to rid yourself of them once and for all, before they destroy you and the civilization you have built. Without the Jew manipulation and the Negro disruption,  we could have had Utopia by now.  It is time for them to go, so we can live our lives in peace, harmony, and safety, no matter where we may be in between the shores of this great country.

Video: Outside Lands