Written by: Julie Mitchell

 When one’s goal is the ultimate control of a planet and the decimation of the vast majority of one’s almost 7 billion fellow human beings, it is a task so enormous that it requires a Herculean effort that is perpetual in nature, meaning that one simply cannot let one’s foot slip off the pedal in the drive to achieve it.  Accordingly, the NWO operative who has been generous enough to provide me with a steady flow of investigative work in terms of his sabotage of legitimate, viable, well-meaning companies and organizations based upon purely fictitious and malicious grounds has once again obliged me in those terms, providing me with a newsworthy story in reference to yet another one of his underhanded schemes.

I am speaking, of course, in reference to Mike Adams of Natural News, and this time it is his success at having my articles censored and removed from the online site I originally published them on, the Examiner, that has given me all that I need.

The control of the planet in its entirety on the part of a very elite few has never been more evident than it is becoming at this particular moment in time. The recent censorship of my articles on the website Examiner.com, a sort of online newspaper, and their subsequent termination of my column at the behest of Mike Adams and Natural News, which was their response to my exposure of the falsification of news events they (NN and Adams) are participating in, is certainly evidence enough of that. 

The fact that one man who is guilty of some rather heinous things can successfully petition to have another individual effectively silenced, at least temporarily, in terms of speaking about his actions, should raise the hackles of every red-blooded American.  Who is this man, who upon his request the written work of another individual is deleted simply because that is what he “demands,” as he did in his letter and the pdf from the Phoenix Law Group to the Examiner?  

According to witnesses at the 2011 Health Freedom Expo in California, Mike Adams came accompanied by an entourage of perhaps as many as 10-15 secret service style black suited agents, and it has been reported that these individuals always accompany him when he makes a public appearance, which is another red flag in terms of his associations and who is really behind and funding the subterfuge he engages in.

In terms of subscribers, the Natural News advertising information page purports to have only 360,000 confirmed subscribers, so although Adams may be rather well known online and within the natural health industry itself, in reality there are few in the country and the world who would even know who this man is should one mention his name to them.  Movie stars with millions of rabid young fans do not command that kind of a security detail, nor do elected officials of hardly any rank. Those kinds of security details are reserved for presidents and kings.  What is it about Mike Adams that warrants such a massive amount of security? 

Is it simply that he has illegitimately and maliciously destroyed the lives, livelihoods, and reputations of so many people that he is in fear that he may have effectively driven another human being over the proverbial edge and might perhaps have something to fear in terms of retribution?  Or is it something far bigger and infinitely more sinister, and he is in fact part of a much bigger conspiracy involving such things as chemtrails, fluoride, false flag terrorist attacks, health destroying vaccines, etc.? 

The fact that he is part of the mechanism to “wake up” a particular segment of the population to these things does not in any way indicate that he is necessarily performing that function to serve the good of humanity, as we have seen that the good ole Hegelian dialectic is alive and well and being successfully and effectively used by the forces we would generally refer to as the NWO.  In fact, I would contend that up until this point he has actively pursued a policy that is fully intended to work to the detriment of humanity itself, as we have repeatedly seen that, just as Alex Jones and Oath Keepers are prone to do, this man is more than willing to fabricate news with an extreme potential to create as much civil unrest as possible, even possibly to the point of violence. 

And that is not even to mention the potential harm caused by such products as the B12 patch and potassium iodide that he and the rest of them are peddling, all the while keeping their followers frightened and agitated with the constant and continued reminders of such nuclear accidents as Fukushima and the very real threat and possibility that there will ultimately be some sort of nuclear event somewhere on the planet that is the consequence of either war or a “terrorist” attack.  Do you really believe that the same people warning you of a need to protect yourself against radiation poisoning while at the same time selling you a substance to serve that purpose that is itself harmful to your health and can prove to be deadly have your best interests in mind?  Are you even aware, if you are one of those people falling for it, that the holistic recipe for transmuted iodine used by Edgar Cayce even exists in the world, and is readily available?  Do you really believe that they are not aware of it?  

If you do not believe these guys are playing both sides of the fence in this Hegelian attack upon the minds and sensibilities of the people they reach via their online publications, radio shows, and youtube channels you simply are not paying attention.  But the fact is that at this point they have utilized this one particular individual, Mike Adams, to wrongly and maliciously destroy the lives, reputations, and livelihoods of so many people that it is becoming rather difficult for them to conceal his true agenda

I do have to admit that it is quite an astonishing thing to discover that these cointel operatives are so widely spread that they would even be aware that I exist down here in Jackson, Missouri, living, as we say in the south, broke flat as piss on a dish the vast majority of the time as I endeavor to get by, all while attempting to undertake this task I have chosen for myself simply because of the fact that somebody needs to do it, and nobody seems to be willing much of the time, for whatever reason.  The very idea that they would find it necessary to try and stifle and censor a nobody from the Missouri bootheel is itself indicative of the extent of their intrusion into and control over the lives of ordinary people, and we would do well to take note of the extent of their power in terms of the censorship of not only freedom of speech, but freedom of speech that is grounded in factual evidence that utterly indicts the character and demonstrates the malevolence of the very people engaging in the censorship.  Who would have thought they would have cared what I have to say at all? Although I do have to admit to being quite pleased that they do, disturbing though it may be.

               The reach of the powers ultimately in control of the world extends into the fringes of society.  We long ago learned of the extent of their reach as a result of their destruction of entire segments of American society via such things as the introduction, for example, of crack cocaine into the neglected and forgotten ghettos of the inner cities and small towns across America.  Such practices continue to this day with the destruction of much of white, rural America via methamphetamine, and even extends into other sovereign countries via such activities as Operation Fast and Furious, which has resulted in a flood of weapons to the cartels and gangs currently terrorizing much of Mexico. 

There is no level to which they are unwilling to stoop in the process of subjugating the planet.  Yet everything continues as before, as the vast majority of the population continues to function in the same state of blind oblivion that it has always functioned in, while tons of health destroying materials are pumped into their bodies via such things as an atmosphere laden with chemtrails and drinking water that is specifically designed to surreptitiously damage their intellect and destroy their health.  The agenda that is being served was written long ago, and those plans have all succeeded exactly as they were intended to. All that is left are the finishing touches, and these guys are the icing on the cake, as collectively they are capable of amassing large numbers of followers.  And anybody who threatens the success of that mission they will undoubtedly at least attempt to effectively silence. Whether or not they are successful is up to us.

We have previously seen his deliberate attack on Adya Clarity in conjunction with the vile and blatant falsehoods he propagated in regard to what is arguably the most beneficial product the world has ever seen, in that it alone has the ability to completely and absolutely restore and purify water to its pristine and natural state (when given from a fully functioning and healthy planet) no matter how extensive the level of contamination, and no matter what it has been contaminated with, up to and including such things as raw sewage, radiation, and Hexavalent Chromium.  And Adya Inc. was not by far the first of such hatchet jobs carried out by this man, as such companies as Organic Jar, Pure Hoodia, and Umac have fallen victim to the same sort of sabotage in the past, and just as the creators of Alive! New York are currently experiencing, much to their surprise.  I would be very careful about believing any of the accusations of Mike Adams against that particular non-profit organization if I were the general public, and it would not surprise me at all if we have not seen the last of this particular issue. People are starting to fight back when it comes to Mr. Adams, and there are so many people and companies he has wronged that he is suddenly finding himself besieged on all sides, and rightly so.