Written by: Julie Mitchell

 Several weeks ago I published an article in reference to the sabotage and attempted destruction of the company Adya, Inc. on the part of what I perceive to be, and the evidence suggests, are NWO operatives by the name of Mike Adams, Ian Clark, and Matt Monarch, although with regard to Monarch I have to admit that I do still entertain the notion that he is possibly more of a “useful idiot” to those sinister forces than anything else.  And any reasonable human being willing to visit youtube and view any of his numerous videos can see for themselves why I would arrive at the conclusion that such is indeed a possibility.   If it is all an act, and he is merely another of the NWO actors we know are currently dominating the political and Hollywood scene, then I must take my hat off to him, because he is a damn good actor.  Having said that, he did participate in the blatant lies that were propagated in reference to the company and the product it sells, and he is just going to have to own it, as are the rest of them.

For decades the FDA and the AMA have relentlessly and maliciously ensured that simple, natural cures for diseases such as cancer have remained unknown by and unavailable to the public. In the process of doing so, they have destroyed the lives of people trying to bring such things to an unsuspecting public, and they have gotten away with it. Currently they are in the process of destroying the life of one Dr. Antonella Carpenter, the latest individual to discover a fast and easy cure for cancer that involves the use of nothing more than food coloring, saline solution, and heat from a laser, and no one seems to care. There is no mention of it in the mainstream media other than propaganda that demonizes a genuinely altruistic individual who wants nothing more than for the people to have what they rightfully should, as opposed to continuing to invest billions into the standard treatment of the modern day medicine men that by their (the FDA’s) own recent admission does more harm than good, chemotherapy. 

And while all of this is going on, the self-proclaimed champion of the people in terms of resistance to the tyranny of the FDA, Mike Adams, remains silent, and instead champions a false “cure” that he likely knows full well does not work. We will delve into the details of that particular case in another article soon to come, but for now it is important to note that the supposed bulwark of the natural health industry against the FDA, Mike Adams, in spite of the fact that he is fully cognizant of what is going on, and in spite of the fact that he could potentially have tremendous influence upon public opinion due to his revered position as a natural health “guru,” says nothing.  And that is suspicious, especially when it is considered in conjunction with his sabotage of other citizen owned companies such as Organic Jar and Adya, Inc., to name only two.  What is even more suspicious is the fact that he has no qualms about using the FDA, via falsified claims, to discredit legitimate companies with life-saving products to offer the general public, as was the case with Adya Inc., and which I have already expounded upon at great length in the original article, so I will not do that again here.

As anyone who is familiar with my previous work is aware, subsequent to the publication of the article exposing Monarch, Adams, and Clark for their subterfuge in terms of undermining the reputation and livelihood of not only the owners and employees of Adya, Inc, but those of 300 distributors as well, the Phoenix Law Group, on behalf of Adams, sent a pdf file via e-mail to Examiner.com and demanded that my articles be removed from the site and that I be banned from writing for them in the future, and Examiner was more than happy to comply with those demands. Since that time my articles have continued to be published on various other sites, and I have continued with my investigations into the shenanigans of these particular individuals, with the exception of Ian Clark, who subsequent to being caught masquerading publicly as the owner of Adya, Inc., at least according to individuals coming in search of him at a health expo in Arizona, just seemed to disappear. Until today, that is, because as of this morning of August 15, 2012, Ian Clark has once again stepped out of the shadows in reference to this case, and he did so via e-mail to my personal inbox. That was not a very prudent thing to do on his part, especially not in the manipulative manner that he did it.  

The initial e-mail was very subtle, and for one who is not familiar with the concept of neurolinguistic programming in addition to the facts of this case, it might have appeared to be rather forthright, even though such is not the case.  In the first e-mail communication I received from Mr. Clark this morning the reliance on NLP is immediately obvious, as he refers to what he and his cohorts did to Adya Inc. as the “Adya drama,” as if the attempted destruction of the lives and livelihoods of the people involved with this company is nothing more trivial than the antics of a teenage drama queen, and that was intended to do nothing more than belittle both myself and Adya Inc.. That initial insult was followed by what I can only assume was an appeal to my ego with the reference to a “broader spectrum of knowledge,” as you can read in the copies of those e-mails I am attaching to this article.”  When that did not work, he sent another e-mail and immediately tried to instill some sort of cognitive dissonance into my head by attacking my sense of principle, essentially trying to say that my article exposing them for what they did to Adya Inc. harmed Adya more than they had done, which is utterly senseless on its face.

Then he accused me of lying (which I did not do) and stated that “it is sad to see your misunderstandings go viral,” and I have to say that as of yet I am unaware that my truthful article has gone viral, but if it has or has the potential to do so, let me just say that nothing would please me more, because the more people that article reaches in reference to this particular product that is vital to not only human survival but to the continued survival of the planet itself, especially in light of the current chemical assault upon humanity via the foods we eat, the fluoride in our drinking water, and the chemtrails being sprayed over our heads, the happier I will be. However, it was in the final e-mail he sent (and that I have yet to respond to) that he made his biggest mistake, because that is the one in which he alluded to the one aspect of this “drama,” as he referred to it, that I did not cover in my original article, and that is what he referred to as Adya’s “labeling misadventure.”  But it must be said that Adya Inc. in fact had two “labeling misadventures,” if that is how he wishes to refer to it, neither of which were the fault nor the responsibility of the company itself, .

What he is referring to is the fact that, in the process of the attempted destruction of Adya, Inc., in which he was a primary participant, Mike Adams created a maelstrom around the Adya product and label, publicly asserting via the web site naturalnews.com that the product was incorrectly labeled and violated FDA rules, while simultaneously encouraging the sheep who follow him religiously to file complaints with the FDA based upon fictitious grounds. In addition, while all of this was occurring, somebody literally hacked into Adya’s system and changed the labels that would ultimately be applied to the bottles to reflect levels of substances that were grossly inaccurate, and it is not a stretch to assume that it was likely the same forces that were attempting the public destruction of the company.  In fact, Adya’s web host testifies that the hacker bypassed everything else and went straight for Adya Inc. There was nothing subtle about any of it, and as you can see in the copy of the e-mail text that I am including with this article, they are attempting to completely obfuscate the issue, as they are all fully cognizant of the tremendous power of this product, which is another fact his final e-mail makes abundantly clear.  What it does not make clear are the facts already expounded upon in the previous article “California Judge Gives Adya Clarity a Slam Dunk Against the Raw Food World Store,” and those are that Adya Inc. in fact had no “labeling misadventure,” and that he, Mike Adams, and Matt Monarch, subsequent to spending months promoting the product and making enormous amounts of money off it, turned on the company like a den of vipers, as I have previously stated, and for no apparent reason other than the fact that they were unable to get control of it.  And that is just the way it is.

As per Mr. Clark’s implication that I am somehow in need of a “broader spectrum of knowledge” in reference to this case; all of their false and vituperative claims were made publicly via such avenues as their respective youtube channels and websites, of which naturalnews.com is the most notable, and I fail to see how they could possibly have made their position any more clear. The evidence against them is readily available. And being as familiar with the facts of this case as I am, I believe the “spectrum of knowledge” I have in reference to it is more than sufficient to indict them for every subterranean act they committed in all of this, and no amount of lies in reference to what actually happened that are designed to vilify the character of Matt Bakos can change that. They did what they did, and there is no redemption for any of them in this, short of their public admission that they lied to serve an agenda that they have not made the public privy to yet.  As per his contentions that my attempt to rectify some of the illegitimate and malicious damage done to the company for the sake of humanity has “done exponentially more damage to Adya” than did their actions, the facts speak for themselves, and Adams’ attempted (and partially successful) censorship of my articles and Clark’s current attempts to corral me is a pretty good indication of the fact that we are at least having marginal success.  And until they get out of the business of monopolizing (via their own subterfuge) the natural health industry and manipulating the psyche of natural health enthusiasts to their (the enthusiasts) detriment, they can expect to always feel me breathing down their proverbial necks. 



Hi Julia,
When we both have some time to spare, it would be good to talk about the Adya drama so you hear the other side of the story. It will help you to get a broader spectrum of knowledge in this regard.
Let me know a time when we can talk.


On 2012-08-15, at 11:09 AM, julia mitchell wrote:


Mr. Clark,


That will not be necessary. I already have the entire story. And fyi, Matthew Bakos is a lot more “innocent” than I am, and my sense of perception in terms of human character is far superior to his. Hence, I would never have been stupid enough to “get into bed,” so to speak, with you and your ilk.  Are you really unaware that the disingenuous nature of what you are inside shows in your eyes?


Ms. Mitchell,


Unfortunately, you have zero discernment in this regard and completely misrepresented and mutilated the information because of your closed down thought processes. The fact is, you have done exponentially more damage to the Adya brand with your rants that are based on false information than anyone else has or could have done. If you had been even open at all to gathering pertinent information that is based on actual facts, you would not have placed yourself in a position of presenting lies publicly. I remain open to helping you out with correct information to bring a balance to the equation. It is sad to see your misunderstandings go viral. The fact is that no one from Adya ever got ‘in bed’ with me. I opened up to assisting Matt Bakos request to promote Adya to my connections between 2009 and 2010 in the USA with his public support and blessing. It was very successful and then he made the fatal decision to disregard that work and circumvent everything, breaching our verbal agreement to protect the work I did. There was never any paperwork signed or anything contractual at anytime. Just a gentleman’s agreement based on trusting the Adya company that he totally violated. It certainly did not work out well for him. The worst thing is that everyone who touched this ridiculous drama following Bakos breach of our agreement has become a massive curse to the Adya brand – you included. Can’t you see that your writing style and articles written are by far the most damaging to yourself and Adya? Every time someone posts something online that has errors inside is piling up more negative heat on themselves. I feel sorry for you that this is happening and that was why I reached out to you to help you stop proliferating disingenuous information to the public.





 On 2012-08-15, at 11:41 AM, julia mitchell wrote:


Mr. Clark, 


It does not behoove you to threaten me lol. I do not intimidate easily.  If you have a beef with me about anything I have reported on, take it to court. I will stand behind anything I have put out there. You people tried to destroy this company because you were unable to purchase it and subsequently bury it. And guess what? It didn’t work out for you, so live with it. There are some of us out here who will not “lie down” for you people, and if you thought Matthew Bakos was hard to deal with when you tried to destroy his life you have no idea what you will be dealing with if you take me on.  I can do more damage with my pen than you ever have any hope of doing with your resources, and you are fully cognizant of that fact or I would not be hearing with you. I have the truth on my side, and I am not going to back down from it, so you can make all the derogatory comments you desire. They won’t change a thing. There are a lot of people out there who “fear” you. I am not one of them. 


P.S. There has been an “uptick” in both orders of Adya and inquiries about the product since the publication of my article that exposed all of you people, so put that in your proverbial pipe and smoke it. Cheers.



Hi Julia,

You continue to misunderstand me. As for Adya going forward and promoting product and increasing sales, that is how all companies should perform. Their labelling misadventure hopefully is behind them and if anything, they should be bragging about the contents of their product because it clearly works for which it is designed – to clean water. There was never an issue with it’s use to clean water because the aluminum sulfate is burned up in the process becoming inert. Matt encouraging people to consume large amounts of the Adya Clarity at a time in multiple supershots as he did on the video with the obese woman passing suckerfish snakes was kinda crazy. Aside from that aberration, the entire issue was the mislabelling and misrepresentation on a public platform. My only reason for reaching out to you for a discussion was to help alleviate the unnecessary issues that are existing, not create more issues. If Adya has cleaned up their business model, their sales should continuously increase as time passes. There is a massive need for lake cleanups, etc. You are not being threatened by me or anyone else that I am aware of. I just think someone who has the ability to skilfully write should not assume you have all the information when you don’t. You should also know that no one ‘fears’ me anywhere that I am aware of – there is nothing to fear regardless. I am also sure you have done a lot of wonderful work in your life and it appears your intentions are good but in this case but you are somewhat misdirected. I also agree with most of what you have said overall but there are errors that could easily be corrected. I am not against your information or your right to publish documents you feel are important to the public, just would appreciate more clarity. Your errors remind me of Nissim’s similar mistakes in his published information. One thing is certain, none of us are perfect or perfectly correct at any time on our own. I have made lots of mistakes in life and unfortunately, will continue to make mistakes as we all do as we learn – hopefully to not make the same mistake twice and make a lot less mistakes as we mature. I always say it is bad enough when someone tells the truth about me let alone make up extra stuff to blast me with that actually is not true. I am not trying to justify anything that went down with Adya because there were multiple mistakes made on both sides of the equation which is unfortunate for all of us. 

I get it that you are sure you are standing with 100% truth and no error but there are definitely errors in your dialogue that could easily be corrected. I am not looking for exoneration because that will never happen as the situation was a disaster for all involved.