In March of this year I published my first article exposing Alex Jones and Mike Adams in reference to the manufacturing of fictitious news reports on the part of both InfoWars and Natural News.  When I published that first article in reference to the feral swine issues in the state of Michigan, little did I know that it would morph into a project that has essentially consumed the vast majority of the time that have to devote to the research of such things, but that has been precisely the case. 

I have previously written that for a very long time I lived a life of relative isolation, with the vast majority of my time consumed by the task of child rearing and earning a degree, in addition to working some very hard jobs.  Many people over the last several months have inquired as to what exactly it was that “woke me up,” and the only honest answer I have to offer is to say that nothing did.  To be “awake” just seems to be the nature of what it means to be me, and I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a sense of perception and instincts that are “off the charts,” so to speak. 

Although I remained for a very long time unaware of the details and the intricacies that underlie the conspiracy that has gripped the world since long before any “scholar” would concede that humanity has existed as part of the historical record, my own observations in terms of the vast majority of the people that comprise American “civilization” as I encountered them, in conjunction with the obvious corruption within and manipulation of the people by what we refer to as “government” was more than sufficient to lead me to conclude that something is very, very wrong on this planet. 

Unfortunately, and in spite of the fact that more and more people are waking up, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  We still seem to be heading inexorably toward a long planned WWIII, there is still a chemical assault being carried out upon us via such things as the water we drink and the food we eat, while cures for the diseases caused by those same chemicals continue to be suppressed by the FDA, the central banks are still bankrupting every citizen and every country around the world, and the earth continues to be ripped apart at an insane pace.  And the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper. Nowhere is that more evident than in the subversion of the natural health industry by cointel NWO operatives. And as I have said before, there is no cointel operative more effective than that trusted, self-appointed guru of natural health, Mike Adams, so much so that without his attention, any injustice carried out by the FDA against any individual with a legitimate, genuine cure for any known disease will simply go unnoticed, while those who sell out or offer something less than an effective cure achieve the maximum amount of notoriety Adams has to offer.   

I have previously exposed Mike Adams for his role in the sabotage of Adya Inc., not to mention his involvement in the sabotage of other citizen owned companies and organizations, and his subsequent replacement of said companies with what can only be referred to as “big brother companies” and their products. In the case of Adya Inc., their product was pushed aside for a product with Soylent Green connotations and that story alone is enough to fill one entire article.  However, when considering the behavior and actions of the cointel cartel, it is always prudent to remember that it is not always about what they talk about. More often than not it is about what they don’t talk about.  Because there is one thing that is certain, and that is that in the midst of their fabricated stores about raw milk, feral swine, and Mormon canneries, there are very real instances of fascism occurring on a regular basis out here in the real world.  And there is no better example of that than the case involving Dr. Antonella Carpenter and LaseMed Inc.

The FDA seizure of the property, medical records, money, and medical equipment from the offices of Dr. Antonella Carpenter on July 11, 2012,  was one of the most overt and egregious acts of fascism of recent months, and it is rendered even more deplorable in light of the fact that it essentially condemns thousands of Americans to death from a disease that all indications are will ultimately prove itself to be nothing more than a consequence of the chemical assault upon humanity that is currently being carried out by the same corporate powers the FDA is protecting.  They are killing us and profiting from it. And we are simply not allowed to have access to a quick and easy cure.  And the most important question to be asked in reference to this particular case is why has it been overlooked and utterly ignored by the self-appointed gurus of the natural health industry, of which Mike Adams appears to be the nominal leader? That is the question we will attempt to answer over the next several parts of this article.  Because as it now stands these cointel operatives are positioning themselves as champions of the people when nothing could be further from the truth, as they are in fact our worst enemies.