From youtube...a non white savage in India who is salivating for the chance to engage in the raping, torturing, and murderous behavior that is so typical and characteristic of the non white savage races. And keep in mind that all of those accomplishments he is attributing to the mongrel race mixed with Negroid that is what populates India today are in reality WHITE accomplishments of the Aryans of India, of which only a few hundred remain alive today. 

6Ishan 4 hours ago
Infact You can not compare White People with Hindu People. Our Civilization is oldest on the earth.Our Language is oldest on earth.We gave world Aurveda,Yoga , indu dharma ( Sanatana Dharma ) , Gautam Buddha .What white people did.-->> Kill Native people and take their land,Holocoust , Burn People .You killed all native red Indians in USA ,Black people in Africa and tok their. U came for us too.Now its our turn we are going to come to your land Kill you and take over it,without guilty feeling .
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6Ishan 1 hour ago
Black are harming whites cuz whites exploit them deny their rights. Why you guys blame Jews i really don't understand.Whites incouraged slavery of black , Indians including red Indians in America and chinese. You think China,India,Africa,Russia going to let you get away with this. Europe is doomed now its time for America , you killed millions of innocent Islamic people don't for get that. We are goin to hold u down and fuk u in the ass forever.
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There is nothing wrong with racism. The non-white races are as racist as it gets, and what one encounters when dealing with them, especially in internet forums, is more than sufficient evidence of that. We just need a little more of it (racism) on our part. None of the other races compare to ours on any level. They never have, and they never will. If we allow them to destroy us, civilization on this planet is over.

The non-white races have no right to feel superior in any way. None of them have ever been capable of building and maintaining a decent civilization of any kind. It is time to knock those unearned chips off the shoulders of the inferior savages

The white race is superior in every way to all non-white races. None of the non-white races compare to ours. Not in terms of beauty when we are raised and bred properly, not in terms of honor, not in terms of our capability for civilization. And the non-white savages recognize that fact, and lash out and try to insult us because they feel so inadequate. I can't really blame them. When compared to the accomplishments of the white race, I would feel in adequate if I were a non white savage.

"He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward"
~Adolf Hitler, a brilliant and inspiring human being about whom the most atrocious lies were invented and propagated as fact.