A world without white people.  This is the best the Negro will ever be able to do, and there is no reason we should ever care one whit. 

There is nothing that makes me angrier to have to listen to a Negro or a Jew, or any of the non-white races, for that matter, repeat that same old worn out lie that "the white man has fucked over all races."

Every single race in the world has what it has at the expense and detriment of the white world, or what they refer to misleadingly as "western" civilization, and the reality is that the WHITE RACE is the one that has been "fucked over," as the Negroes like to put it, by ALL other races, particularly the Jewish and Negro races. There is not one race of which that is not true, and that fact can be traced backwards in time for millennium. In fact, non-whites in antiquity have stumbled upon us, and, being the good and kind people we are, we let them stay, until ultimately their numbers overwhelmed us and they slaughtered us, such as happened in the Americas when the Asiatic hordes who refer to themselves as the "native Americans" began their invasion." The mistaking of Cortes for Quetzacoatl by the "natives" is indicative of the distinct possibility that the "natives" slaughtered the white angels they found and then, as they watched their world go to shit and deteriorate around them to the point that they began eating the hearts out of live human sacrifices, the realization as to exactly why life had been so good when white people ruled ultimately set in, and over time they began to remember the indigenous whites of the Americas their ancestors had slaughtered as gods, dreaming of the day they would return and make things right again. 

The non-white world cannot live without us. And we cannot live with them in our midst. Literally. It is us or them. I say us. At least in Europe and America. If they can make it in their native lands, more power to them. But they need to get the hell out of our countries. We are not the milking tit and the whipping post for the savages of the world. And we will not again just sit here and allow them to surround us and ultimately outnumber us, slaughter us, and end our civilization.  If ever open warfare was justified to prevent an event from occurring, it is now.