For many, many decades we have been fed what I refer to as the "sheep version of history," in that we have been indoctrinated in our public schools with historical beliefs that are completely and utterly false.  Nothing we have been told about past history has been true, and as we watch the successful implementation of one false flag after another by the Jews, from the Lavon Affair to the USS Liberty to 9/11 , as well as many others in between, many of them domestic, we see how utterly easy it is for them to achieve this falsification of history. They are doing it before our very eyes,  

As they write the new history, the old one is falling apart on them as a direct result of those nosy white people and their questions and investigations, which is primarily the reason they are currently constructing a new version of falsified history to program an unwitting population with. The Jews, as usual, are more than prepared for that collapse of one plan and already have a contingency plan ready to implement.  They have already written the new "sheep version" of history to feed to the sheep.  And many of those in search of truth are falling for the new sheep version of history, a big part of which is the idea that Adolf Hitler and the Germans were controlled by the same people who are and have always been at the bottom of the conspiracy to destroy white civilization and our race, and that is the Jews.  

The Jew World Order doesn't care if you know they financed both sides of ALMOST every war since the Revolutionary War, and the majority of the wars prior to it.  The Jew World Order only cares that you believe they financed what they always refer to with the Jew invented pejorative/racist term "the Nazis."  The Jew World Order knows it has you outgunned.  You fell asleep long enough for it to do that.  

Their one and only problem is still that pesky white race, the people among whom the ability to think for oneself arises with regularity.  But that problem has been offset by the fact that those beautiful white people were lulled to sleep with material comfort in the middle of a bloody battle, and they are about to pay the price for it.  

White people are hated by all other races, even the ones with a skin color that is reasonably similar to our own; the Jews in particular. And being the good and kind and decent people that we are, white people really do not understand where this hatred arises from.   The white race has been taught via Jewish propaganda and their (the Jews) control of virtually all print and electronic media in the world in, in conjunction with their (the Jews) very real control of every country in the world, that they (white people) are hated for some vaguely presented explanation of long passed crimes of their ancestors.  

 In their efforts to atone for said vaguely defined crimes of their ancestors, much of those atonement attempts and desires likely due to the NLP Christian idea of "repentance," the white race of the world has bent over backwards to accommodate the non-white races, even to the extent that the white race has now clearly put itself in danger of extinction. And they are still hated for no apparent reason other than that they are white, a fact that should have a very sobering effect on any white person anywhere.  The importance of race in this matrix cannot be overstated.

The more non-whites live among us, particularly Negroes, the more of us are terrorized, robbed, raped, and/or slaughtered. And the chief goal of the Jew is to ensure that the whites as a collective race fail to recognize the importance of National Socialist Germany in the annals of history, because the happiest moment in the history of the white race, at least for a small portion of us, was when we lived along the lines of a strict racial identity in NATIONAL SOCIALIST (not "Nazi") Germany. The non-white races are your mortal enemies. If you have not figured that one out yet, or if you refuse to address and confront that fact openly and honestly, and work to alleviate the problem at the same time, you deserve what happens to you when you allow them to come to dominate you in terms of force of numbers.  You cannot change them.  Stop trying.  They will slaughter every last one of you, or at least those they cannot get to fuck themselves out of existence with miscegenation.  If you don't believe that you need to start studying crime statistics and violent and deadly crimes perpetrated against white people by non-whites in every single one of our countries we are forced to live in with them among us.