What happened to us? Vedic literature tells of an Aryan race that did things we think of as only "science fiction" today, but that we recognize as entirely possible because of the current progress we have made in terms of technology.  We built pyramids in Egypt, and megalithic structures and even larger pyramids all around the world.  These structures existed in relation to the rest of the cosmos for reasons we have not even begun to figure out yet. All of these civilizations were white/Aryan. That is a well established fact among HONEST scholars. And yet today we can't even figure out what our brilliant ancestors utilized those structures for. So, I ask again, what happened to us?  Why have we not achieved that level of technology this time around before we once again let the non-white savages destroy our culture and civilization and ultimately take our lives?  What happened to us?

The Aryans, children of the Light. One of the most ancient meanings of the word "Aryan" is "light."