In their (Jews and non-whites) ongoing efforts to convince the white race that, as a race, we, the Aryans, do not exist, the claim is often made that we as a people lack "culture." 

This claim is made by people who have as their ancestral "culture" some of the most gruesome and diabolical acts in history, from ritual sacrifice of human life (the Jews) to cannibalizing on the enemy to gain strength for oneself (the Negroes) to letting cows piss on their heads to change the color of their hair (Negroes again) to eating the menstrual waste out of a cows vagina to make their balls grow to the size of a stool (again, the Negroes). 

Those are just a few of the definitions of "culture" the Jews have devised for us in this sick society they have created around us. 

As per the white race, we are the most culturally rich race on the planet. There is no other culture that compares to ours. Our "culture" is what is commonly refer to as CIVILIZATION.