A more careful analysis of the historical record reveals that the white race is in fact the race that has had genocide committed against it on an almost unimaginable scale. It is hidden from history by the Jews in control, and instead of teaching the truth they have brainwashed their easily programmable, drone, non-white races that the white race has spent the last several millennium trying to exterminate the non-white races when the reality is that the opposite is true, and we have many times in past history been slaughtered by virtually every other race on the planet to almost the point of extinction, and we have risen from the ashes every time to rebuild.

We stand upon that same amazing precipice today, in danger of extermination and annihilation at the hands of non-whites. Why? Why do the Jews and the non-whites want the white race to disappear so badly? 

Why have the Jews worked so hard to destroy, disrupt, and discredit white history, which they have maliciously programmed the sheep to perceive of as "western civilization?" And why they have done all of this in spite of the fact that WHITE history is a glorious history? The history of no other race even compares. In fact, when one discovers ancient archaeological monuments and places in the countries of all people around the world, from China to South America, one finds that the highest culture that ever existed in those places was a WHITE culture, We are a glorious, innovative, and talented people, and they are brainwashing us to believe otherwise, a phenomenon that is beginning to reflect itself in our people. 

If you seriously want an answer to the question of why the Jews have and continue to work so diligently toward the destruction of the white race, do some research into what the great men of white history have said in reference to the Jews.  From Voltaire to Cicero to George Washington and Ben Franklin, many if not all great men of white civilization have despised the Jews. Let that sink in. Martin Luther, the "founder" of Prostetantism, had scathing things to say about the Jews, and somebody should strip that name from the Negro in America who never even made his adoption of it in reference to himself "official."  These are your people; your forebears. The very men who have uttered some of the most brilliant words in the history of mankind.  The Jews even destroyed your white Christ. Literally. And the words Christ spoke of them were not flattering.  

The words of history are very revealing, and they can set you on the right path if you still have even the slightest idea as to the depth, breadth, and wonder that white civilization really is.

By the way, referring to white history as "western civilization" is just more of the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) the Jews have used in all of their mass media and education control to further erase any notion of racial identity from the white race. We are the Aryans.  Or at least what is left of that gene pool after so many centuries of the attempted Jewish destruction of it.

Without us, races such as the Negro one would already be extinct. Come to think of it, why in the hell are we making any contribution to the survival of that race?  Or the Jewish one?  Those acts do not serve us well as a racial family, but rather take us closer and closer to our own inevitable demise as a people. Which is the end goal for the other races. A white Aryan will always be envied by all other races. We are the original people. The children of the light. It is the function of this electromagnetic matrix of darkness and artificial light to take you farther and farther from the treasury of light you originated in, a place where the colors black and brown do not exist. Those colors are darkness.  You know that. The closest thing you will see to the colors of the source realm in this matrix is in the eye colors of the Aryans.