I propose that we ship all of these savage races of non-white mudskins back to where they belong and provide the good guys among them with the arms to fight the U.S. (Jew controlled) armed bad guys already there in those countries and on those continents. With the exception, of course, of the kind of weaponry that would allow them to return and make war on us. I'm not advocating giving the savages things like fighter planes and nuclear weapons or missiles or anything of the sort. I'm talking about machine guns and the stuff to fight a hand to hand combat war. If the bad guys win and they eliminate themselves and become extinct, as the Negroes most definitely will do, good riddance. They are not our problem, and that is something we have got to figure out ASAP if we are going to survive their onslaught this time. We have never survived them in history, and the archaeology from China to India to Egypt to the Americas proves it.