The Most Amazing Day Ever

September 10, 2013
The Most Amazing Day Ever

Now let me tell you about my day, because it truly was the most amazing day I have ever seen.

2 yrs ago what is referred to as the SEMO Drug Task Force here in southeast Missouri used a battering ram to come in my dead bolted front door.  Then they used it to enter a locked bedroom door in the house.  Out of the walk in closet they took my 3 budding beautifully plants growing in an aeroponic system that I built, threw them in a box, took down my bad assed light, and drove off with them.  Meanwhile, they handcuffed me, put me in a truck and subsequently threw me in jail for 33 days.

Not being familiar with the rules of the game they use against us, I found myself agreeing to allow them to put me on 5 yrs probation with a suspended imposition of sentence just to get out of there before I lost everything on the outside.   And that has been the shit I’ve dealt with for 2 years since.  Until now.

On July 22 I gave the court 21 days to provide proof of claim in writing that they (as trustees/public servants) had any legitimate authority in this matter, or that the cops/trustees/public servants had any right to break in my door at gunpoint and rob me as President, Administrator, CEO, Director, Beneficiary and sole shareholder of me, JULIA ANNETTE MITHELL.  I also told them in that document that if they arrested me unlawfully like that again it would cost them $5,000 per hour for each hour of my time they wasted. They did not respond in the allotted 21 days to that legal document.  In fact, they never responded to it at all.

When the court did not respond with proof of claim that it cannot respond with because it simply does not have it, I filed in the docket a notice of default on them in the matter and a motion to quash, which means to render null and void everything they have done in the matter.

They summoned me back to court as of today at 2 PM.  Instead of filing a document that told them to provide proof of claim that they had any right to summon me and informing them that if I had to show up under threat of arrest it would cost them $5,000 dollars for every hour of my time they wasted, I decided to go, because I am sure they were not sure just how familiar I was with my rights and how far I was willing to push it before I was intimidated into giving them authority over me.   Bad move.

In the last several weeks I have told some of my friends that when you do this sort of thing in court and they get upset and start yelling at you and making threats, then you know you are on the right track.  They started yelling at me almost instantly. I no more than opened my mouth than that public servant who calls himself a “judge” started yelling at me and two sheriff’s deputies moved into my proverbial “blind spot” on either side of me.  The intimidation tactics were in full swing.

I wasn’t intimidated. I tried several times to tell the rude prick exactly what I was there for and he just kept yelling at me and telling me he was going to hold me in contempt of court if I didn’t shut up.  Then he proceeded to attempt to make me sign a piece of paper waiving my right to an attorney and stipulating that I was representing myself.  As he was filling it out he told me he would call me back up again in a bit and I could answer the question.   I told him I had already answered the question and I would go sit down and wait until he wanted to talk about it again.

When I turned to walk away from the bench, the two cops on either side of me kind of moved in as if to block me from walking away.   I looked at them and told them I would sit down and wait, and I told them that twice. Both times they looked at me threateningly and said “No, you can wait here for him to fill this out.”  If I had submitted to them, then they would have had the right to presume, because law functions on presumptions, that I was not my own Director and beneficiary.   The second time they told me to wait till he finished filling it out, I looked the big fat one straight in the eye and said, “I’m gonna  go sit down and you can bring it to me.” And I did. And they did.

When he called me back up there 5 minutes later and started hammering me he was really upset when I told him I didn’t even bother to read the paper he gave me to sign, much less read it.  I stated that it was not relevant, because I  was not “acting as an agent of the government in any capacity,” and was merely there as "both the Director and Beneficiary of my corporation and legal person," and he was required to show cause as to where he got the idea that he had any authority over me.   With every sentence I spoke the sheriff’s deputies breathed down my neck all that much harder, and I was shaking like a dog shitting a peach seed.

But I stood my ground, and when the sorry son of a bitch just proceeded to ignore every word I said and just said he was going to schedule a “probation revocation hearing" for October, 18, I had taken all of it that I was going to take.  I just announced “I’ll wait for you to show cause,” and walked away while he was still talking. As I went out the courtroom door I could hear him telling the courtroom that he was holding me in contempt.

And he never even raised his head up.  It was the most priceless moment in breaking free from this matrix that I have ever seen. My friend who was with me said the best part about it was how completely DUMBFOUNDED they all were, and that is an excellent word to describe their reaction.

The cops kept looking at him trying to get the go ahead to arrest me, and he just kept his head down and did not even look up. Not once. All they could do was watch me walk away. And I was laughing. And everybody in that courtroom was on the edge of their seat. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed.


There Is Always Free Cheese In A Mousetrap....

January 3, 2013
In the  social network forum I have been able to ascertain one thing for certain, and that is that those people who become consumed with ONE "conspiratorial" issue in general do so for one of two reasons: either 1. They do so out of ignorance and sheepdom and what appears to be sheer ego and the need for attention, or 2. They are paid internet shills. 

There are exceptions, but I still believe that, as a general rule, this is in fact true.  And I say this because the current frenzy over the id...

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I'll See Your Jihad, And I'll Raise You One Crusade

November 3, 2012
Aaaah here it is. Today, November 2, 2012, approximately 2 hours ago, a conservative "cough, cough" online news outlet published an article by Tom Tancredo calling for the impeachment of Obama based on grounds of treason.  His words: 

 "The word treason means a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance. Article III of the U.S. Constitution defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfo...
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There Is No Such Thing as an Alkaline Diet

September 20, 2012

I have posted this information several times over the last several months in conjunction with the proclamation that there is no such thing as alkaline diet, and every time I have done it I have been challenged on it. So let me clarify where people go wrong in the belief in the healing power of an “alkaline” diet, because I would almost be willing to guarantee that the vast majority of people who have challenged me on this subject and absolutely refused to consider it, and thus have never ...

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You Have Been Lied To

September 16, 2012

Written by: Michael Stubbings and Julie Mitchell

To think that you are already wise to the many deceitful ways of the world or that you are truly “in the know” is to ensure that you never fully grasp the truth, and instead remain content with the readily disseminated scraps of knowledge that are only offered because your knowledge of them does not alter the intended ultimate outcome.  In those terms the various engineered societal belief systems can be viewed as a limitation on the human p...

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The Marijuana “Legalization” Psy Op: “Legalization” is NOT Decriminalization

September 16, 2012

Written by: Julie Mitchell

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Just a Little Note on the Ron Paul Psyop

September 16, 2012
So now we know what was the purpose of the Ron Paul psyop, and that was to usher us into the “federal reserve psyop,” as they have now so skillfully done, so you can chase your tails on that one for a while, and maybe in the end wind up with the heads of a few bankers on a pike, who are merely the acting front men for a power that they themselves cannot even identify, and are themselves nothing more than martyr fodder, just as we are. Good job sheep.
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Message to the BeLIEvers

September 16, 2012

Written by Julie Mitchell and Michael Stubbings

On September 11, 2001, a mass psychological operation was carried out against the American people by our own government and various other entities that shall here remain nameless, because that horse has already been beaten to death to no avail, as it is clear that the vast majority of Americans are more than content to believe the lie, seemingly un-phased as their military has proceeded to slaughter innocent Muslims on the other side of the world...

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