Aaaah here it is. Today, November 2, 2012, approximately 2 hours ago, a conservative "cough, cough" online news outlet published an article by Tom Tancredo calling for the impeachment of Obama based on grounds of treason.  His words: 

 "The word treason means a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance. Article III of the U.S. Constitution defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. If radical Islam is a self-declared enemy of the United States, as can be easily demonstrated, Obama has certainly given them aid and comfort: Most Americans will think that welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and appointing Muslim Brotherhood members to important posts does in fact constitute “aid and comfort.”  

You think this is not a religious war? Note the "sleight of words" in this excerpt from that article, in which they refer to "Islam" as the self-declared enemy of the United States, which segues into the implication that the Muslim Brotherhood is the self-declared enemy of the United the fluoride soaked brain of Christian America, fully programmed to do so, seamlessly makes that mental connection.

It is still amazing that the sheep believe any of this.  Are we still in Wonderland? Or Kansas?  How many decades has it been glaringly obvious that all of these people work for the same side?  And how many decades has it been painfully obvious that even when there is a "war" for power at the top, no matter which side comes out ahead, they are all equally corrupt, and engage in the same sorts of behavior and commit the same crimes?  The obvious truth does not seem to matter in a world consumed by religious hate compounded a population so susceptible to propaganda that it cannot find its ass with both hands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           All of these ridiculous religions were created by the same sinister cabal, and there is more than sufficient evidence out there to prove that. And if somebody would raid the damn Vatican and confiscate all the records hidden there, including the ones that deal with the global locations they have hidden other things, it could be very quickly demonstrated that such is the case. How can the human still be stupid enough to be willing to kill each other over RELIGION????  And don't come at me with "It's not about religion, it's about oil, or money, or power," or anything else.

The Elite have their reasons for doing what they do, the reasons they have convinced the TROOPS ON THE GROUND to kill each other is another thing, and that one revolves primarily around RELIGION.  Don't kid yourself. Or have you forgotten that George Bush himself declared the war on radical Islam a CRUSADE?????