Written by Julie Mitchell and Michael Stubbings

On September 11, 2001, a mass psychological operation was carried out against the American people by our own government and various other entities that shall here remain nameless, because that horse has already been beaten to death to no avail, as it is clear that the vast majority of Americans are more than content to believe the lie, seemingly un-phased as their military has proceeded to slaughter innocent Muslims on the other side of the world incessantly for a crime they did not commit.

It is reasonable to assume that in the immediate aftermath of those horrific events the majority of Americans, simply dumbfounded by the shock of what had occurred, accepted at face value the official government version of what “happened.” For many of us, however, that delusion was short lived, and the lies only held sway for a brief moment in time, as the realization that our own government had declared war upon its citizens and all that such entails changed forever our perception in terms of where we stand and the danger we face as citizens of a country ruled and dominated by a lawless and rapacious cabal that we have allowed to run rampant to the extent that it is out of control, while any hope of changing things by working within the confines of the current system has long since evaporated.

For most ordinary citizens who have chosen to participate in an online search for truth that is often generally referred to as a “truth” movement, and now includes such other government conspiracies as chemtrails, fluoride, and vaccinations, 9/11 was the key that opened the door; the event that “woke them up,” for lack of a better term. But in spite of the fact that we have come together in online forums in numbers that reach into the tens of thousands, we nonetheless represent a minute portion of the American population, as the vast majority of Americans are still functioning in denial mode (cognitive dissonance), a problem that is only compounded by the fact that many of you are suffering from an outright stupidity not entirely of your own making, and if you don’t believe that just do a quick search of terms such as “the effects of fluoride” and “the deliberate dumbing down of America.”

America is a nation of soft, materialistic, self-absorbed ignoramuses, and this nation of cognitively limited fools, true to form, demonizes and mocks the more enlightened, the more enlightened here being the few of us who have seen beyond the veil of lies surrounding the infamous 9/11. But let’s be clear, our demonization at the hands of those of you who have been played for fools has not served you well, because as a result of your continued denial in reference to the reality behind the events of Sept. 11, 2001, the more enlightened among you have also awakened to the full extent of the herd-like mentality of their fellow human beings, and in all honesty it is difficult for us not to regard the sheep with a significant amount of contempt, because as it currently stands you continued belief is utterly laughable, or at least it would be if not for the fact that it puts all of us in imminent danger of annihilation at the hands of our own government.

There are people out here who have invested enormous amounts of time and energy into investigations of the underlying facts of the events that occurred on that fateful day, and they have demonstrated conclusively that there has not been one iota of truth in reference to those events that has come from any official government source. Meanwhile, the criminals guilty of perpetrating the 9/11 hoax themselves remain free people, many continuing to occupy enormous positions of power within both the government and corporate worlds, and they have as their goal the continued and ultimately total subjugation of the planet itself. And you (the sheep) have no idea who those criminals are.

Eleven years after the fact, and in spite of the evidence that has been amassed to prove that everything you have been told by the MSM (your shepherd) about that day is a lie, you still are not capable of naming the perpetrators or the many entities who benefited from the False Flag that was 9/11. So to those of you out there who still believe the lies that are the official story of the 9/11 events, and who sit dumfounded and transfixed in front of your teLIEvision every year on September 11, willingly accepting your yearly dose of re-programming in terms of the emotional and traumatic aspects of that mass psychological operation, you should know that your silence/weakness is the opposite of seeking justice, and in reality only facilitates the evil that made it happen.