In the  social network forum I have been able to ascertain one thing for certain, and that is that those people who become consumed with ONE "conspiratorial" issue in general do so for one of two reasons: either 1. They do so out of ignorance and sheepdom and what appears to be sheer ego and the need for attention, or 2. They are paid internet shills. 

There are exceptions, but I still believe that, as a general rule, this is in fact true.  And I say this because the current frenzy over the idea of 'gun control' produced by what happened at Sandy Hook is reaching epic proportions, and I am tired of watching the sheep fumble around blindly in the dark before grabbing the first psy op hand they reach out and find in hopes that somebody will pull them out of it (the dark), while all the while perceiving of themselves as being and proclaiming themselves to be 'awakened.'

For quite a while now I have watched so called 'truthers' be led around by their noses by not only their representatives in 'government,' but all of the cointel out here that create their reality for them.  The numbers in terms of cointel operatives out here are staggering, imho, and make no mistake about it, the creation of your reality is their assigned task.  From the MSM and corporate advertising and the entertainment industry to the "alternative" media operatives of every sort, and in particular those online, they tell you what to eat, what to wear, what to think....everything. In this society, reality is fully and completely externally created for us by others. And this current rabid chomping at the bit over the issue of 'gun control' is no different from any of the other issues they manipulate you with on a constant basis.  It is not about gun control, and that is a point that few have grasped.  It is about CONTROL, minus the word gun or any other word in front of it.

 One of their most effective tools is fear.  Sandy Hook was all about fear.  The fear generated over the bullshit idea that this is done for the purpose of taking your guns and the energy that virus of fear feeds into the matrix, in addition to the very real fear generated by those who died in conjunction with its cumulative affect in terms of its relation to other mass deaths both ancient and recent and the fear generated at those times.  It is all about negative energy, and they are getting loads of it from this. 

With every one of these little psy ops they run when they conduct these mass killings comes the frenzy over gun control, which is in turn punctuated and compounded by the 'legislation' introduced by Congress that inevitably follows.  Seriously, you don't think those bought and paid for 'representatives' of yours on the Hill are part of all these games they play with you, and that this is simply their role in the current situation? If not, you have not been paying attention. 

With every one of these frenetic episodes over gun control comes greatly increased gun purchases on the part of American citizens, and that alone should be enough to tell you what this is really all about, and that is the fact that what I have repeatedly contended is true: this is not about taking your guns.  Figure it out.  It is not that hard. 
I have repeatedly contended as well that if the government, the media, the cointel, a history book, etc. says one thing it is best to assume that the opposite is true, and that applies to these 'gun control' psy ops they continue to successfully carry out on the sheep 'truthers.'  It is not about taking your guns.  It is about putting more guns into your hands. It is not about gun control. It is about arming people, about putting more guns into people's hand, so that you can all kill each other off when the on it.

"When the SHTF, the elite are going to wait for the dust to settle and then come crawling out.  They are cowards, and not the ones to fear at this point.  You are not arming yourself to protect against them or martial law.  It is your neighbors to the right and to the left of you. It is about arming the crazy people who display how selfish they are and how lacking in respect they are for their fellow man.  Look at Black Friday, with all those people throwing clothes and jackin' people up for what? Phones? A Tablet? An I-pad? A video game? It doesn't matter...they can live without that.  But imagine those same crazy, screwed up individuals without food or water...and they have a gun...a firearm...." (futhermucker1-youtube). It's not about gun control. It is about arming people.  They are not after your guns. It is about fear, and the ability your fear gives them to control you."  And it is about arming the sheep, and all that such entails.

The sheep and the non-sheep alike are stocking up on weapons and stockades of ammunition if they can afford to do so, and all are suffering from the misconception that is what it is all about; that disarming the American citizenry is one of the first things on the agenda.  And they are not after your guns.  Their weaponry is far superior to yours.  This is merely their way of getting the people to do their dirty work for them, because that same fear that drives people to purchase those guns in the first place is the fear that will drive them to kill someone. When the grid goes down, and people don't have electricity and water, they are going to do what they have to in order to survive. And how well they know that. 
The same idea applies to the FEMA camps.  The FEMA camps are there in preparation for one big event, or at least a series of smaller ones, whatever they have planned, and they are waiting for the people who will knock on the doors and beg to get in for a drink of water.  Wake up, sheep.  How many blue pills did you take? 


A video from a kindred spirit, who's contentions and conclusions are the same as my own, and the source for the quotation in this article as well as a partial inspiration for much of it.  Please watch: