I have posted this information several times over the last several months in conjunction with the proclamation that there is no such thing as alkaline diet, and every time I have done it I have been challenged on it. So let me clarify where people go wrong in the belief in the healing power of an “alkaline” diet, because I would almost be willing to guarantee that the vast majority of people who have challenged me on this subject and absolutely refused to consider it, and thus have never gotten past the knee jerk reaction that it is patently false, have never even bothered to look at the information. The problem with the theory is that the people advocating an “alkaline” diet do not understand the distinction between alkalinity and acidity, and when they advocate for the diets  they advocate for and that have been proven to cure cancer they are in fact advocating an acidic diet. They do not want us to understand the importance of acid, and there is a very good reason for that, and that is that in the long run disinfo serves them in some way, and ultimately everything contributes to a very well known (among those who dabble in conspiracy) de-population agenda.

It is important to know the difference so that we understand the distinction and can talk about it in the way is should be talked about. To that end I am attaching a copy of a link to what is referred to as a “Master List of Typical pH and Acid Content of Fruits and Vegetables for Home Canning and Preserving” in addition to a video by Matthew Bakos, owner of Adya, Inc., in which he explains as well as can ever possibly be done the importance of acid and the distinction between the acidity and alkalinity.  No one knows the difference better than he does, as our very survival could ultimately depend on Adya’s product, and hence the attempted destruction of the company by the sinister forces we would generally refer to as the NWO.
Master List of Typical pH in Fruits and Vegetables:  http://www.pickyourown.org/food_acidity_ph_list.htm
Adya Clarity: Correcting pH Myths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6_6KLxGpbc