Written by: Michael Stubbings and Julie Mitchell

To think that you are already wise to the many deceitful ways of the world or that you are truly “in the know” is to ensure that you never fully grasp the truth, and instead remain content with the readily disseminated scraps of knowledge that are only offered because your knowledge of them does not alter the intended ultimate outcome.  In those terms the various engineered societal belief systems can be viewed as a limitation on the human potential and a scourge upon the human condition, and one’s best bet is to simply abandon them; to let go of them and never look back.  Because at this particular moment in time it is of the utmost importance that you finally realize you are ignorant…I am, you are, we are….all ignorant in one way or another, and that is just the way it is.

The problem is the average person doesn’t even know that there exists a pyramid of control that has existed throughout history (which encompasses far more than the readily disseminated “recorded” history) in which all knowledge is released intentionally, and not by way of total honesty. And all this occurs despite the fact that what we “know” to be “true” as ordinary people, which encompasses even our belief and value systems, is based solely upon what the self-appointed authority figures of the planet have told us is “true” from time immemorial. And many of us remain oblivious to the fact that we are at the very bottom of a system of control – The Slave.

To ignore the concept of intentional deception is to engage in the act of selective reasoning, and whether it is done subconsciously or not it leads inexorably to the same end, which is the complete loss of personal and societal freedom.  Most people, I think, at some point in their lives encounter an intentional deception that is attractive to them, while others are simply born into it, and make that unconscious decision to adopt a belief system, be it science, government/politics, or a specific religion, without suspecting even for a second that they are being deceived. They are unaware that their adopted belief system is a trap, an already established paradigm just waiting for them to step into it. And now, confronted with the truth we tell, they suffer from cognitive dissonance or paradigm paralysis.  And we can no longer afford to sleep.